Disappeared 84 years, this kind of creature appears again, our country also appeared “resurrected” creature!

All creatures in nature can’t escape the fate of death. All life has a definite number. Resurrection from death is just a bridge in science fiction, which can’t be realized in the real world. But since 2020, this phenomenon seems to be more common. Many extinct creatures in nature have appeared in front of human beings. What does it mean ?


Yangtze River sturgeon

I don’t know if you’ve ever read such an article called “it never boils down to 2020”. In the article, it is the Yangtze River sturgeon in China. With the wantonly hunting of wild animals and the change of environment, a large number of Yangtze River sturgeon died in a short period of 10 years. Since 2003, the Yangtze River sturgeon has disappeared out of thin air, and no one has seen him. After this article was published on the Internet, many people expressed their hatred for human behavior and regret for the earth’s environment. There are also many people praying to see the figure of the Acipenser again.


Some people may not understand this behavior. Since the Yangtze River sturgeon has disappeared since 2003, how can it reappear? In nature, there are many organisms that have disappeared for several 10 years, but suddenly appear. Since 2020, this phenomenon is more common. People once saw a kind of living creature that came back from the dead in Australia. It was the wallaby. The birth of the wallaby can be traced back to 5000 years ago. At that time, human beings had no idea about the protection of wild animals, so the wallaby became the belly of many local people. Due to excessive hunting and killing, the last wallaby also disappeared on the earth in 1936, and Australia also announced the extinction of the wallaby.


Australian Wallaby

However, some time ago, it was claimed that the kangaroo has reappeared in Australia. The creature that has disappeared for 84 years has reappeared on the earth, causing controversy in the scientific community. In fact, this phenomenon has occurred in China besides Australia. In this year, China has also found a species that has been declared extinct in nature, that is, cuckoo. In May, scientists first discovered the figure of cuckoo, which is the only one in the world. After seeing so many creatures come back from the dead, it also causes people’s doubts. Is this good or bad for human beings?


Some people think that this may be a sign that the earth is getting better. Nowadays, extreme weather occurs frequently and natural disasters continue. These are all warnings issued by nature to human beings. After seeing this phenomenon, people begin to regulate their behavior. It has to be said that the earth’s environment has also improved. Therefore, the emergence of these species is actually affirming human efforts.


Some people think that these species have not been extinct at all. With the change of the natural environment, their number has dropped sharply. Therefore, they live in many secret places. With the improvement of the earth’s environment, they appear in front of human beings. What do you think?

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