Discover a “Diamond planet” and Americans apply for its ownership to become the world’s richest man!

When it comes to diamonds, we all know that diamonds have always been an irreplaceable object in women’s eyes. They think that they symbolize holiness and loyalty, and represent eternal love. With the change of the times, more and more couples will choose a glittering diamond ring when they get married, which seems to have become the custom of a new era.

Diamond is recognized as the king of gems. A diamond with high purity is usually sold at a high price, because its mining is very complex, precious and rare, so it is often expensive. But there is such a man who owns the “largest diamond” known. If the value of this “diamond” is estimated, he will become the richest man in the world!

American astronomers accidentally detected a planet, about 50 light-years away from the earth, which is composed of extremely dense crystalline carbon, which is what we call diamond. It is 4000 kilometers in diameter and weighs 34 carats of 10, much larger than the earth. The astronomer couldn’t believe it. He called on the whole astronomical team to observe again and again, and finally convinced that the planet was a “Diamond planet”! The astronomer created a unique code for the diamond planet and named it Lucy. But while people are still shocked by the discovery of this “cosmic nova”, the most surprising thing is that this diamond planet has its own legal owner.

This man’s name is frank spino. He comes from Illinois, USA. He is 53 years old. He is also a famous local painting artist. Shortly after the discovery of the diamond planet, the American submitted an application to the United Nations. According to the “outer space treaty” signed by the United Nations, there is a very important content, which states that the sovereignty of celestial bodies in space cannot be owned by any country, but there is also a fatal loophole in this treaty. Since it is not allowed to be owned by a country, it does not mean that it cannot be owned by a private person.

It took him a whole year to win and lose. Even he didn’t expect that the United Nations finally passed his application, and frank spino naturally became the first legal owner of the diamond planet. Frank spino himself said frankly that he is eager to find a way to use the diamond planet to help people in need.

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