Do aliens really exist? Several astronauts claimed to have seen “angels” more than once

There are different opinions on the topic of extraterrestrials. Some people think that there are no extraterrestrials in the vast universe, while others think that extraterrestrials exist, and they have been influencing the earth. There are different kinds of old-fashioned or cutting-edge views.

Since the development of human space industry, we have been constantly exploring to find intelligent creatures like us in the vast universe, but so far, we have no clue. Although we have witnessed and happened some incredible things, most of them can not be explained by science. Gun salute 7 is one of the most puzzling events. Let’s take a look at it!

First encounter:

On July 12, 1984, three astronauts saw an orange flame cloud from the porthole of the Soviet salute 7 space station. At first, they thought that there was an explosion on the space station. Because the space station entered space in April 1982, a series of system failures occurred. Because the impact was small, the astronauts insisted on completing the scheduled mission. Soon after, the three astronauts saw a huge “angel” outside the space station, and then the whole space station was covered with soft light.

Later, the astronauts who witnessed the incident recalled that the “angel” they saw was the size of a plane, and the angel seemed to be smiling at them. Seeing the smile, they immediately felt happy. The process lasted about 10 minutes, and then the “angel” disappeared. What’s more incredible is that the three astronauts also said that there was more than one angel, but seven.

Second encounter:

Five days after seeing the angel, that is, on July 17, 1984, a Soyuz spacecraft was ushered in the space station of salute 7, which carried three astronauts.

Just when the six astronauts of the space station were working, the vision of “angel” appeared again. Although the six astronauts were in different positions, they all said that they saw “angel”, and the situation was the same as last time. It seemed that “angel” was talking to himself, and the whole person was in a comfortable and calm state. After a few minutes, “angel” disappeared.

Xiaobian thinks that if only one person sees it, then we can think that it is the person who has hallucinations and illusions, but all six people see it at the same time, then this matter is very worth pondering. You know, astronauts are not only selected by thousands, they have also undergone very strict training, so they are better than ordinary people in terms of psychological and physical quality. Besides, they have no reason to lie.

As we all know, the universe has infinite time and space, so there must be a planet similar to the earth, with water, thick atmosphere, suitable temperature and so on. Or alien life is not carbon based life, they need carbon dioxide, nitrogen or other different living conditions.

After the gun salute 7 Incident, on July 29, 2008, a retiree who claimed to be NASA said that he had seen a tall alien standing in the payload cabin of the space shuttle on the surveillance screen of Kennedy Space Center, as if talking to an astronaut.

This can not help but make people think that in the 1984 salute 7 Incident, aliens contacted astronauts? Perhaps in the near future, in the more advanced stage of human science and technology, we can explore more mysteries and uncover these mysteries.

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