Do aliens really exist? Weilituofei has not been identified since 1993!

Since the beginning of the industrial revolution, productivity has developed rapidly. With productivity as the foundation, we have also begun a new journey to explore the universe. We’ve been looking for extraterrestrial life all the time. Unfortunately, no one has really seen aliens so far. Since the year 2020, many people have claimed to have seen UFOs, and the video data they shot is also very vague. In fact, there have been sightings of unidentified creatures in history. The photos taken are very clear and still full of controversy.


What do you see?

Back 27 years ago, there was an Italian resident named filiveto who found an unknown creature on the road at night. When he got closer, he thought that he had met an alien. According to his own description, after he came out of his friend’s house that day, he parked his car and was ready to go home. Suddenly, he heard a whine coming from nearby. This whine attracted his attention. He quickly went to check it. Unexpectedly, a plastic bag like object appeared near the parking lot.

At first, he thought that the capsule should contain stray cats, but when he looked carefully, he found that there was a humanoid in the capsule, still shaking. He quickly took out his camera to shoot. Then an unknown creature appeared from the capsule and immediately fled, disappearing into the night.

The second time I met an unknown creature

The unidentified creature looked very weak at that time. I thought it was just an ordinary episode, but I didn’t expect that three months later, Felix saw the humanoid again. Under the illumination of the street lamp, Philip entrusts him to see this unknown creature for the first time. It has big eyes and a slender neck. It doesn’t look like a creature on earth at all. Is this alien life? With this idea, he felt very afraid. Would this unknown creature pose a threat to himself? He quickly took out his camera, recorded the appearance of the unknown creature, and called the police. When the police came, the unknown creature had disappeared.

After seeing the photos he took, the staff repeatedly told him not to mention it to anyone and not to spread the photos. It’s obvious that filiveto didn’t abide by his agreement with the police, not only spread the photos on the Internet, but also mentioned it to people from time to time.

After seeing these photos, Xiaobian was also very surprised. At that time, the PS technology was not very mature, and the possibility of synthesizing these photos was very low. But this does not mean that the creatures in the photos are aliens. What do you think?

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