Do aliens really exist? Why do people claim that there are alien remains and four fingers in the United States?

UFO has always been people’s talk after dinner. Some time ago, the United States released three UFO videos, which are the focus of human attention again. In fact, there is such a UFO event in history. Many people think that this event is the evidence that the United States conceals the existence of alien civilization from mankind. This is the famous Roswell event.

The alien remains of Roswell

In 1947, there was a huge noise on a farm in Roswell, and a huge UFO fell on the farm. At that time, the sound of UFO falling was very loud, so it attracted a lot of people to watch. At that time, many witnesses saw that there were a lot of rubber sticks and tape in the farm. Some even claimed that there were several thin bodies near the remnant sea. Roswell incident has also become one of the UFO incidents with a large number of people at present. However, it is strange that the government did not explain this incident too much after collecting the wreckage, and this incident gradually disappeared in the public view.

At that time, the news media said that the falling UFO was not an alien spaceship, but a high-altitude weather balloon. This statement has not been recognized by many people, who think that the official statement is just to cover up the fact that aliens exist. After 10 years of investigation into the Roswell incident, they found that soon after the UFO fell, the authorities carried away the wreckage and then replaced it with weather balloons.

Roger Remy’s note

In 2004, someone found a photo of Roger Remy, the commander of the Roswell incident. Through the photo, we can see that Roger Remy is squatting on the ground with a map and a small note in his hand. Experts made a precise analysis of the photo, enlarged the note, and found surprising text content. In this note, it says to transport the UFO back to the base and then replace it with a balloon.

Alien debris

In addition to these photos, there were also some witnesses of Roswell, such as the engineer who transported the wreckage, who had participated in the recovery of aircraft debris. He claimed that four bodies, about one meter long, were found near the wreckage of the plane. Their heads were large, but they had only four fingers. No matter how well they claim to be able to recover the metal debris, he can always recover it.

It can be said that the Roswell incident is still shrouded in a layer of mystery. Even though many people claim that the Roswell incident is related to alien civilization, they have no clear substantive evidence to verify their claims. We can’t judge the authenticity of the incident only by a few words. Many people think that the Roseville incident is not a shadow trap. Do you think that the Roseville incident is really related to aliens?

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