Do four dimensional creatures really exist? Is squid a four-dimensional creature? That’s how scientists explain it

We all live in three-dimensional space. Generally speaking, as creatures in three-dimensional space, we can’t see four-dimensional space or even higher dimensional space. Our living space is limited by length, width and height. Everyone will face life, aging and death. Many people are full of interest in the world outside three-dimensional space Some people even speculate that the four-dimensional space is actually the soul of those dead creatures. Although there are many conjectures about four-dimensional space, no one has been able to confirm them.

Some people think that all creatures in the four-dimensional space have a very three-dimensional sense, a stronger sense ability, and can even travel back and forth in and out of the universe. It is said that squid is a creature in four-dimensional space. Why do you say that? Because its line of sight is not limited by three-dimensional space, it can see things beyond the length, width and height, because in its eyes, there is a very special protein crystal, which can see things that we cannot see.

Special eyes of squid

Squid, as a kind of mollusk, is the “metamorphosis magician” of the animal kingdom. It is characterized by vision and movement. People and ordinary animals observe things by changing the lens in the eye to better observe things, but because they can’t focus on a point, fuzzy images are produced.

The squid has a special kind of lens (s-crystallin) in its eyes, which can correct the blurred image and bend the light falling on different parts of the lens surface to different degrees, so as to adapt to the object by changing the eyeball. So squid can see more than us and have a higher vision.

Squid’s sight extends to another direction beyond length, width and height, which is called Δ by geometricians and perpendicular to length, width and height. Whether you can imagine a reverse direction perpendicular to length, width and height may be inconceivable, but it’s true. It’s not difficult to explain why it’s hard to arrest squid in the ocean.

If it has the same wisdom as human beings, no three-dimensional object can close it, because any closed three-dimensional object has no effect on a creature with four-dimensional consciousness, and being able to enter the four-dimensional space means that it can freely travel to and from any three-dimensional time (through time and space). That’s why squid is a four-dimensional creature.



From January 26, 2008 to October 25, 2010, an ordinary Octopus was found in an aquarium in Oberhausen, Germany. It is said that this octopus can accurately predict the results of the German national football team, so it has been called “German God operator”, “octopus brother” and “prediction emperor”.

Even can understand the human football game, it unconsciously across time and space, from the future world back to 2010, can naturally predict the game. That’s why many people think octopus is also a four-dimensional creature.

Some people suspect that octopus is an alien creature. What’s the matter? First of all, the heart of an octopus is different from that of other creatures. It has three hearts. One of them supplies blood to the whole body, and the other two supply blood to the gills alone. If you think it’s just a different heart, it’s a big mistake.

The brain of an octopus is the most powerful part. Scientists have found that an octopus has two memory systems, one is the normal memory system in the brain, and the other is directly connected to its sucker. In addition, there are 500 million neurons in the brain of an octopus, together with many extremely sensitive receptors on the octopus, which make the octopus show distinctive thinking ability and adaptability.

Scientists once experimented with putting a lobster in a bottle, plugging it with a cork and throwing it into the water. Although the octopus in the water didn’t know where it was at the beginning, it was soon able to open the bottle and eat delicious food. This kind of learning ability is not what ordinary creatures want.

Most of all, octopus can easily change their color and shape. Our impression of Octopus only ink-jet, in fact, it is only a pediatrician for it. According to scientists, some octopus can not only spray ink six times in a row, but also mimic sea snakes, jellyfish or lionfish at critical moments.

This skill can not only be used to capture food, but also to avoid the attack of natural enemies. It can kill two birds with one stone. No wonder scientists say that it has special genes, and even suspect that it is a four-dimensional creature. It turns out that we are really different.

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