Do lizards really exist? Eyewitness tells true experience, maybe it’s an alien species!

The monster species witnessed by many people has green skin all over its body. What is it?

There are countless mysterious species on the earth, and their true features need to be studied. Human beings are the most special of many creatures. They have independent thinking brains and are full of wisdom. The most important thing is that they can create products with their hands. Since the improvement of science and technology, more and more sci-fi movies have emerged. There will be very strange plots in sci-fi movies, such as time and space shuttle, mutant people and so on. These are all things that human beings desire to have, but reality is reality after all, and these things cannot be realized.

What are the physical characteristics of lizards?

One of them is called “Black Lake Monster”, which is mainly about lizards. Lizard man is a rare species, originally thought it would only appear in the film, did not expect to have witnesses on earth said they saw lizard man. Once in a small town in the United States, there was a young boy who claimed to have seen a lizard man. His body shape was very similar to that of human beings, and he was very strong. He also walked upright with his feet. His whole body was green, and only his eyes were red. At that time, the lizard man did not know why he overturned a car and ran very fast. The monster species witnessed by many people has green skin all over its body. What is it?

When he was going to report it to the government, the lizard man quickly disappeared. At that time, the discovery aroused great concern in the scientific community. If all he said was true, the lizard man might be an alien species. It has the skills as like as two peas, but after that, more and more people claim to have seen lizards. A man also met a mysterious monster when he was driving. His whole body was covered with green spots and had a tail. It was like the lizard described before. He quickly reported to the government. At that time, the government sent investigators to discover several huge footprints. It was determined that this was probably left by the lizard people.

Witnesses said they saw the lizard man with their own eyes

In addition, a very mysterious ruins was also found in a certain sea area of India. It is understood that it has a history of more than 9500 years, and the perfect structure is preserved inside. It is said that there are many human remains, so many people speculate whether these remains are lizard people’s? Some people think that lizard man doesn’t exist at all. This special species has very strict requirements on living environment. They are more like a social animal, but witnesses have seen a single one.

If they don’t live in groups, how can they reproduce? It’s been so long, maybe the lizards have already been extinct. So far, the topic about lizard man is still endless, and there are different opinions. Some people think that lizard man belongs to a kind of gene mutation, which is a new species after mutation, and maybe a product of the combination of human and other species.

To be sure, if lizard man really exists, it will be a fatal threat to human beings. With human ability, it can’t compete with lizard man at all, so many people still hope lizard man doesn’t exist in this world. If lizard man really doesn’t exist on earth, what are these eyewitnesses seeing? What do you think of lizards? You can leave a message for interaction.

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