Do meteorites falling from space really have high collection value? You think too much

I believe many friends have the hobby of collecting, and in the collection industry, it can be said that there are all kinds of people, whether it is historical celebrities’ calligraphy and paintings, or other antiques, there will be no different people. In recent years, there has been a new collection of meteorites.

Meteorites, also known as “meteorites”, are the unburned rocks, iron or mixed materials of meteors or dust fragments from the universe outside the earth, which are separated from the original orbit and quickly scattered on the surface of the earth or other planets.

In addition to the eight planets in the solar system, there are a large number of asteroids and other kinds of dust debris that can not be counted, so every year, a number of different kinds of debris fall into the earth’s atmosphere, and finally fall to the ground and become meteorites after not being burned up. Of course, the size of these meteorites is very small, and it is not easy for us to detect them.

According to incomplete statistics, there are about 500 meteorites that fall on the earth every year. Originally, these meteorites were just some ordinary stones from other planets. However, because they come from the sky, so many people pay attention to them. Attention, coupled with rarity, meteorites began to enter the treasure house of some collectors. In recent years, with the continuous hype of some people, meteorites have become a hot topic in the collection industry.

The meteorite fever after stir frying has driven the whole meteorite collection industry. People pay more and more attention to meteorites, which makes the value of meteorites higher and higher. It used to be a very common stone, but now it’s worth more than gold per gram. This is an incredible phenomenon. The emergence of meteorite fever has brought out another one in the human industry, which is meteorite hunter.

These meteorite hunters often squat in some places where meteorite may fall. When the meteorite falls to the ground, they will look for the meteorite in a certain range. Don’t underestimate these meteorite hunters. They are often very professional. It’s almost impossible for us ordinary people to become a meteorite hunter.

Because we don’t have a lot of professional knowledge, even if a meteorite is placed in front of you, you can’t recognize it. And to find meteorites falling on the earth, we need some knowledge of astronomy, geography and so on. It can be said that this is a relatively professional industry.

The reason why many people collect meteorites is that they see the value of these meteorites and think that they will be more and more valuable in the future. It has a higher appreciation potential than famous calligraphy and painting or other antiques. Is that really the case? Is meteorite valuable? Will it continue to appreciate in the future? If you think so, you are very wrong.

In fact, from the perspective of the future, meteorites are worthless. They are no different from the common stones we can see everywhere on earth. Its value lies in that it comes from other planets. The reason why scientists search for these meteorites is to learn more about other planets in space through these meteorites.

In fact, the meteorites that fall on the earth are basically from the solar system, and the more valuable ones are Martian meteorites, that is, rocks from Mars. Of course, there are some differences between meteorites falling on the earth and the original rocks. This difference is that the rocks from other planets continue to rub and burn after entering the atmosphere. Through burning, some special patterns and shapes will be formed on the surface.

Some collectors think it has a very high collection value when they see these patterns. In fact, such patterns have no value at all. The reason why we can say that meteorites will have little value in the future is that human science and technology are constantly improving, and space technology is also constantly improving. Now we are going to explore the moon and Mars only through the probe.

The rocks on the moon can only be recovered by a small amount of probes, while the rocks on Mars have not yet been transported back by a probe. But will this last long? The answer is No. according to the prediction of scientists, human beings will be able to land on Mars or even establish a preliminary base on Mars within the next 10 years.

Within decades, travel to the moon and Mars may become a reality. If we ordinary people can also travel to the moon, Mars or other planets in the solar system, is meteorite still valuable at this time? The answer is No. Because, when we can freely traverse the solar system, whether it’s the stone of the moon or the stone of Mars, we can easily bring back to earth.

For scientists, now they will search for Martian meteorites to study Mars, but in the future this kind of search will not exist. Because we have conquered Mars, we can get all kinds of rock samples on Mars, so we don’t need Martian meteorites any more. At that time, the value of Martian meteorites might only be higher than that of ordinary rocks on earth.

It can be seen that, in essence, meteorites are no different from the ordinary ones on earth, and even they are not as good as the resource ores on earth. The main reason why they are precious now is that human space technology is still a little backward, and we can’t freely traverse the solar system. When these restrictions are gone, the solar system will be our back garden. At that time, the value of stones on other planets will be the same as that on earth.

And the earth’s ordinary stones are basically used for construction, dozens or hundreds of yuan per ton, very cheap. Now the value of meteorite is higher than that of gold, which is artificially hyped. Some people may say that even if the space age arrives in the future, we can easily get Martian rocks, but it can’t be compared with Martian meteorites, because Martian meteorites pass through the burning atmosphere.

In fact, the above cognition is very ridiculous. What’s the difference between atmospheric friction and combustion and the burning of ordinary stones on our earth in a high temperature furnace? It doesn’t make much difference. Mars meteorite has been burned through the earth’s atmosphere. Although there are some special patterns on the surface, has such burning changed the composition of the stone? Can iron be turned into gold? The answer is No.

There is no difference in composition between the Martian meteorite after atmospheric combustion and the original stone on Mars. It turned out that after the iron ore became a meteorite, it was still an iron ore and would not become a gold ore. So, when the space age comes, meteorites will lose their veil of value and become worthless. It’s an ordinary alien stone.

Of course, not all meteorites have no appreciation value. There is one kind of meteorite that has broad appreciation value, that is, meteorites from distant galaxies outside the solar system. You know, the universe is very vast, the distance is in light years. Some asteroids, dust or debris, may cross the starry space, come to the solar system after a long time, and then accidentally land on the earth.

If it is such a meteorite, then its value is hard to estimate. Before human beings become a real interstellar civilization and can explore other galaxies outside the solar system, such interstellar meteorites naturally have great appreciation potential. Because this kind of meteorite has very high scientific research value, through it we can learn about other galaxies outside the solar system.

However, the number of such interstellar meteorites is extremely rare. 99.9% of the meteorites that fall on the earth are from the solar system. Therefore, they will not have any appreciation potential in the future, they will only depreciate more and more, so I want to remind my friends that if you like collecting, you can collect some things in the history of human civilization, such as ancient celebrity calligraphy and paintings or other things. Don’t spend energy on meteorite collection. It may make you a failure in the near future.

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