Do people really have souls? Will the body emit white smoke after death? Look at the soul experiment and you’ll see

Do people really have souls?

In 1905, some people said that they saw a wisp of white smoke coming out of their body after death. It was very strange that they were translucent and in a trance. If you don’t look carefully, you won’t notice it.

As soon as these words were said, they attracted the attention of many people, and then more and more people claimed that they had seen similar situations, which attracted the attention of the medical profession.

In 1907, the American medical scientist Duncan, in order to find out that people have no soul, did an experiment that inspired the world. He prepared a very sensitive scale with a bed on it. He put six terminally ill and dying experimenters on the bed to see if their body weight would change at the moment of death.

If the weight change is measured, it means that there is a soul in the body, and the soul has weight.

Duncan put a tuberculosis patient on the bed. Because the patient was too weak, he didn’t move much, which brought great convenience to observation. At the beginning, the patient’s weight had been falling, dropping 28.34 grams per hour.

Is the soul floating out of the body slowly?

Duncan found that this should be the problem of body fluid volatilization. With the loss of weight, the scale has been adjusting. Suddenly, Duncan found that the scale time dropped, and the patient died in this instant. The weight on the scale showed a drop of 21.26 grams.

This means that human beings not only have souls, but also have a weight of about 21.26 grams, which is surprising.

As for whether there was white fog after death, all the researchers present at that time said they did not see it. However, in order to verify whether the weight of the soul is 21.26g, Duncan put another five people on the bed to measure and weigh, but there were a series of mistakes.

When weighing the second person, the researchers did not determine the exact time of death. When weighing the third person, the weight lost twice, the first was 42.51g, the second was 28.34g, when weighing the fourth and fifth person, the weight lost 10.62g.

But Duncan said that the scale was not adjusted properly, so it didn’t count. When weighing the sixth person, before he had time to adjust the scale, the person was gone, so there was no record. In the end, he only took the weight of 21.26g for the first time.

Later, Duncan said that if we could take X-rays at that time, we could get a picture of what the soul looked like and whether it was a wisp of white smoke.

Within a few years, Duncan lost his 21g, and the matter was over. But before that, he had weighed the dying dog, but he didn’t lose weight, so he thought that dogs have no soul, only humans have souls.

Soul element particles are the substances attached to the human body according to soul researchers. After death, soul element particles will run out of the human body.

In order to capture the truth, he and several other experts in soul science built a soul detector. In 1996, they used this machine to measure 35 grams of human psychrotic particles. They are so light and small that they are only visible to the naked eye when they are focused together.

When they leave the human body, they will float in the air and will not be adsorbed on other substances. Is this really the case?

At present, we have no way to know these. Although soul experiments seem professional, they are also full of loopholes. If people have souls, how do they form? Where do they come from and where are they going? If you can reincarnate, why can’t people remember the last life. To sum up, Xiaobian thinks that the soul does not exist. Do you think the soul exists? Welcome to comment area.

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