Do people really live in another world after death? Scientist: maybe another Universe

What is the meaning of human existence if people disappear after death? Is the world after death real? If there is, is there heaven and hell or other places? There are many questions about where people will go after death, but no one can help us answer them. I hope the world after death is real.

Do people have souls?

If you want to know the world after death, you must know that there is a soul after death! The soul can prove that the world after death is real. Scientists have done many experiments to prove the existence of the soul. The most famous one is the experiment on the weight of the dead, which fully proves that people have a soul. After death, the human body will instantly reduce 21.3 g. scientists say that this is the weight of the soul, that is, human may have a soul.

Human death


Where are you going

Everyone in the world wants to know where people will go after death, but they are still trying to know whether the soul really exists. Many people think that there is nothing after death, others think that after death, the soul will come out of the body and become a spirit, waiting for reincarnation or waiting for death. What will happen after human death? Looking forward to another form of existence, looking forward to the real existence of the world after death.


Many people are curious that people will be reincarnated after death. Although it is clear that, from a scientific point of view, people do not exist when they die, many people believe that people have souls. Scientists have confirmed this through experiments on the weight of dead people. Buddha said that after death, people will enter the next life, namely reincarnation. According to the good and evil of life, there are six possible ends. There are three ways to do evil: Hell, hungry ghost and animal; there are three ways to do good: Heaven, man and Asura.

Another Universe

Some scholars have boldly speculated that in the world after passing through people, people will enter the higher level of cosmic dimensional space after death, that is, into the tunnel of time and space. However, in the low and high dimensional space boundary layer, things in the two worlds can not be connected and shuttled, which is virtually invisible material isolation. When your body dies in one universe, another will absorb your consciousness and continue to exist, and continue to enter another similar universe.

It’s impossible to guess what happened after death

What happens when people die? It’s a big problem in life. For thousands of years, human beings have been trying to solve this problem in various ways. The issue of life and death has directly or indirectly become an important issue in philosophy and science.

Unfortunately, there is no way to explain the life world after death. Even so, scientists are just beginning to have a complete understanding of the process of death itself. Some ancient metaphors compared the moment of death to a strange moment in time, or the last moment of life. But life is a series of complex processes and major events, when it ends, death will not disappear immediately.

People have explored these concepts for centuries, from the study of consciousness to the story of near death experience. Recently, there has been a breakthrough in recovery science, which reveals what may happen in the first few minutes after human death. This study is very important, but it can not prove that all the results are objective facts.

What life means after death largely depends on your description of life. This biochemical process will come to an end. After cell death, it decomposes immediately. That’s for sure. But behavior, character, appearance and so on will continue through our descendants. Whether through heredity or through learned behavior, many people can still live with their children to some extent after death.

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