Do underground humans really exist? NASA did not dare to reply after receiving the underground mysterious code

We are born with curiosity. Although there is an old saying that “Curiosity Kills the cat”, we have today’s life with this curiosity. Since the development of human beings, they have begun to explore the world, such as going to heaven, going to earth, flying out of the earth, going out of the solar system and so on. After some exploration, some people can’t help but ask this question: is there any intelligent life other than human beings in the universe?

With this problem, after decades of research and exploration, scientists still have no substantive findings, but have made a variety of assumptions about this problem. Some people think that aliens live in a planet in outer space, or even in a black hole; some people think that they live in the interior of the earth, and they may face us day and night.

Snowden once served as a technical analyst of the US Central Intelligence Agency. He has exposed a lot of top secret information of the United States, and some information has been confirmed. Therefore, what he said about the “underground world” makes people feel very real. “Geocentric people, a race far superior to human intelligence, exist in the earth’s mantle.” Snowden revealed that the earth exists in the underground world. As for his description of the underground world, there are the following conjectures.

Guess one:

Edward Snowden, a former CIA official, published some confidential documents on the website of the chronicle of the world, which probably said that geocentric people are in the mantle, and the US Department of defense is convinced that their civilization has surpassed that of mankind.

Guess two:

Mexico City in the investigation of a collapse, found three short, only 0.91 meters, the body of the abnormal smooth “geocentric” body.

There is also some speculation that geocentric people are actually lizards seen in our science fiction movies. They are good at hiding in human beings, and can instantly change their appearance.

Many years ago, an anonymous senior NASA official disclosed to the media that NASA had received signals from hundreds of kilometers underground, which were regular digital information. At that time, researchers speculated that it was some kind of intelligent life trying to establish contact with human beings.

But NASA not only did not give any reply, but also sealed the news and did not disclose it to the outside world for fear of causing people’s panic. After all, the great physicist Hawking repeatedly warned us not to contact with aliens.

There are many different opinions about geocentric people. Should they believe it or not?

Some scientists say that if there is life living underground, how special are they? They are so special that they can survive in an environment without sunlight, oxygen or even extremely high temperature. Is this a special way of living different from ours!

Xiaobian believes that the scientific theory that can become the mainstream must have withstood the doubts and tests of scientists for thousands of years, just like Newton’s mechanics and Einstein’s special theory of relativity.

Although life may exist in any form, perhaps in addition to carbon based life, silicon-based life also exists, but we don’t know it, but these statements have never been accepted and recognized by the mainstream, so we still need to find evidence to prove, not just guess and imagine.

What do you think of the existence of geocentric people? Welcome to comment area.

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