Do you believe in another time and space? Or time tunnel or space tunnel that makes people disappear instantly

1. In December 1915, during the battle of the fourth British regiment against the galapolitan Peninsula, an important military area of Turkey, when a group of British troops successfully captured a hill, the soldiers cheered and put the British flag on the hill. But suddenly a lot of clouds fell from the air and covered the whole mountain top. A moment later, the clouds slowly rose. As the clouds disappeared, such a small group of British soldiers disappeared.

2. On June 19, 1968, a DC-3 airliner flew from Los Angeles to Miami. During this journey, a passenger named lidak felt something was wrong when he went to the bathroom. Because the passenger named lidak had been going to the bathroom for more than half an hour, he asked the stewardess to open the bathroom door. But when the stewardess called the bathroom, the bathroom was empty. Two cabin doors on an aircraft were only closed, and the aircraft was flying in the air, and there was no trace of the whole aircraft. A big living man just disappeared in this closed space.

3. One day in 1975, after a Russian subway started from Belarus station, it was supposed to arrive at the next station in 14 minutes, but it didn’t arrive for a long time. The staff immediately suspended all work of the whole subway and formed a temporary search and rescue team with the police to search in the subway. (see yesterday’s《

In 1975, the Moscow subway disappeared mysteriously, and its whereabouts are still unknown, but the truth is heartbreaking

》Although the subway was finally found, the passengers in the whole subway disappeared.

4. On May 20, 1978, in a middle school in New Orleans, several students were having a football class under the leadership of their PE teacher. Originally, there was an ordinary football class, but a student named Ballek disappeared unexpectedly. According to the witness, when the student shot the football into the goal, he was very happy, but the whole person suddenly disappeared out of thin air and evaporated from the world.

5. There is a group of saints who believe that the “end of the world” will come in August 1999. So on July 2, 1999, they went to the top of the mountain to worship and pray for God’s salvation. But just after they went up the mountain, this group of people never went down the mountain again, which alarmed the Colombian government. They sent a large number of police to search and sent out helicopters. But after nearly a month’s search, nothing was found.

In fact, there are more mysteries about the sudden disappearance of human beings in history. So far, there is no clue. Maybe only the existence of parallel space-time or space tunnel can make all this reasonable, but do you really believe in their existence?

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