Do you believe in prophecy? All the four men’s prophecies have come true, and one of them committed suicide because of the prophecy

Nicholas Tesla, an elite figure in western scientific circles, is praised as the greatest scientist. Although his name is rarely heard of due to political and interest reasons, his prediction in 1919 is the most effective. He said that in the future, mankind will have a device that can send wireless messages to connect the world. Isn’t this the wireless network that almost everyone can’t do without now? And the connected terminal is everyone’s wireless device, mobile phone or computer! In fact, Tesla had many revolutionary inventions in the field of electromagnetic field. Perhaps his scientific knowledge had enough basis at that time to foresee the inevitability of wireless network.

The emergence of atomic bomb was predicted in British science fiction in 1914, and the word atomic bomb was used. In 1942, the atomic bomb was really invented. I don’t know if scientists were inspired by the science fiction works of wells. However, every scientific research has a deep or even long-term scientific foundation, which should be impossible. And there are a lot of science fiction stories that predict success. In 1865, the science fiction “from earth to moon” predicted that man would land on the moon. The rocket launch site, the number of astronauts, the speed and the sailing time described in the book are surprisingly similar to the first Apollo landing on the moon in 1969, and even the landing site is only ten kilometers away from the book. Is it true that science fiction writers are the real scientists with the most cutting-edge technology?

If all of the above is inevitable with the development of science, then the following one is a bit magical, but it is true and painful. In 1898, Morgan Robertson of the United States wrote a novel “in vain”, in which he described a luxury ship named Titan. Although it was said to be unsinkable, it ran into an iceberg on the voyage carrying a lot of rich people. There are too many coincidences with the well-known tragedy of Titanic. The first is the name of the wrecked ship “Titan” and “Titanic”, and the second is the time. The April mentioned in the book is consistent with the April of the disaster in reality, but the real disaster happened in the 14 years after the novel. The rest is about the size and carrying capacity of the ship, the speed of the ship, the number of people on board and the number of lifeboats In 1915, three years after the real Titanic crash, the writer committed suicide. It is said that he was resented and scolded by many people because the novel became a real “Curse”.

It has to be said that the realization of these predictions has the inevitability of the development of science and technology, and there are also many wonderful coincidences. No matter whether the authors of books are prophets or traversers, we can be sure that they all have rich scientific knowledge and strange thinking, at least their brain development is better than that of ordinary people!

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