Do you believe in the prophecy of dreams? Maybe we have all experienced these seven predictions about dreams

China is one of the first countries to study dreams. The well-known book “Zhougong jiemeng” is a book about dreams. The ancients believed that dreams are not without reasons. Wang Fu once said: “there are more strange dreams, but less inaction.” And dream interpretation can help human beings predict their fate, conform to good luck and get rid of bad luck. But do you know which dreams are auspicious and which are ominous?

1. Dream of the dead: it’s hard to tell whether the dream is good or bad. People wake up after dreaming and would rather believe that they came from another world to see you. However, in 2016, the program “Sabine time” broadcast by CCTV, dream capture, tells the story that after the brother was killed, he entrusted his dream to his sister, and her sister searched for a corpse and finally solved the case. This incident has also caused quite a stir, and has been reported by various media. Of course, not everyone has this kind of dream. If you dream that a deceased person comes to you to talk about learning, then your career will be prosperous. If you dream of eating together, it is a sign of health and longevity. If you dream of crying and holding him, it is a sign of your health and psychological problems.

2. Dream of being chased: whether you dream of being chased by monsters, ghosts or human beings, it usually implies that you may feel fear or pressure in real life, such as fear of losing your job, losing in competition, etc. dreaming of such a dream will make you suffer physically and mentally, thus affecting your luck, and bad luck will follow. According to the survey results, about 40% of people have this dream.

3. Dream of falling from a high place: sometimes, you dream that you can fly, but you suddenly fall from a high place while flying. At this time, you want to fly and can’t fly; or you suddenly fall from a high place. The old people in your family will also tell you that you are growing up when you encounter this kind of dream, but in fact, this kind of dream reflects your sense of loss. Such dreams don’t really affect you, but your sense of loss is likely to turn you into a negative person, which will make you lose a lot of opportunities.

4. Dream of injury: Although you won’t feel pain, the scene of injury is very real, whether it’s fighting with human beings or wild animals, goblins and ghosts, which indicates that you will have unexpected harvest or you are in a period of fatigue. Pay attention to the change of interpersonal relationship.

5. Dream of picking up money: dream of picking up money, treasure and other valuable things, it is likely that you will make a windfall, pay attention to picking up money. Of course, the dream of making a fortune is not a kind of dream. “Duke of Zhou’s dream interpretation” wrote: “the person who lives in the toilet with feces and urine, the person who lies on the toilet, the person who cleans the toilet, and the person who accumulates the dung.” “the person who is burning with fire gets rich, the person who sees the candle gets rich.” “the person who dreams of fish swimming in water has talent, the person who is facing each other with turtles and snakes gets rich, the person who is stung by bees and the person who sees turtles gets rich, and the person who sees scorpions gets rich Little lucky money “, dreaming that water also indicates fortune.

6. Dream of marriage: single people dream of marriage, you are the bridegroom or the bride, which means that your luck is coming, pay more attention to the people around you.

7. Dream of house leakage: dream of your house leakage to other people’s home, indicates that you will lose money, need to pay attention to; if other people’s home leakage to your home, you want to get rich.

Many people say that people’s dreams are full of thoughts and dreams, but we will find that even things we didn’t think of will also dream. There are many things in the world that science can’t explain. From the perspective of dream revelation, not only problems will appear, but also dreams will come true. Xiaobian ‘ To summon up the courage to confess, B dreams of being with a gives her the heart that she has been looking forward to for a long time. The relationship between them is still very good. This has to be said to be a guide in the dark. You may believe or sneer at the fortune of dreams. The example of holding dreams is also a real case. There are all kinds of strange things in the world. We still need to keep a heart of awe towards some things.

Do you know any real cases of dreams around you?

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