Do you have a feeling that the earth may be a prison, and human beings are imprisoned on the earth?

As we all know, the earth is very small in the whole universe. We can’t insist that there is no life on other planets just because of our limited cognition. It’s just like looking at the sky from a well in ancient times!

In his spare time, Xiao Bian occasionally went to the roof to look up at the stars, and sometimes suddenly thought: maybe a long time ago, we were imprisoned in the earth by higher civilization, and the earth is the “prison planet” for us.

For example, our birth, aging, illness and death may have been arranged for a long time, just like some people, some things will not happen a second earlier or a second later, and some things can’t escape. It feels like human beings are controlled by some kind of living body!

If human beings are really the “natives” of the earth rather than the “criminals” of the earth, then why can’t we adapt to the environment of the earth like other animals on the earth?

In addition, the earth is on the edge of the universe, and some people even think that religion may be brought about by foreign civilizations. But there is no scientific basis for all this. Therefore, it is not possible to draw a conclusion at present.

Human beings can’t adapt to the earth well

At present, it seems that human life on the earth does not have much problem, but compared with other species, human adaptation to the earth is actually very low.

For example, most people often feel backache, which actually indicates that humans may have evolved in a less gravity environment.

In addition, as long as human beings are exposed to the sun, they will be particularly vulnerable to sunburn; the head of human newborn babies is very large, which will make it very difficult for pregnant women to give birth.

In theory, because human beings are more intelligent than any other creature on the earth, we should be more adaptable to the earth, but it doesn’t seem to be the case.

The solar system is also a huge cage

In 1977, NASA launched Voyager 1. According to the scientists’ plan at that time, Voyager 1 should travel to the outer solar system at a speed of about 17 kilometers per second and fly out of the solar system in August 2012.

But the flight was delayed by three years. Why is that?

Voyager 1, which had already reached the edge of the solar system at that time, encountered strange magnetic resistance in May 2012, resulting in a linear decline in speed and slowing down. Scientists speculated that it might have met the “wall” of the solar system.

Scientists have discovered through astronomical telescopes that a mysterious celestial body is surrounded by meteorites with different shapes and may be 4.5 billion years old, which form a mysterious magnetic field.

Moreover, there are traces of these meteorites around the sun. They are like a “fence” that blocks the movement of celestial bodies inside and outside the solar system.

The solar system also seems to be a huge cage.

Xiaobian thinks that if the earth is really the prison of human beings, and human beings do not find themselves in prison, this situation is very similar to the Halden prison in Norway.

The prison covers an area of 100 hectares, with more than 4500 mu of forest, churches, gyms, clinics and presidential suites. You can think of, you can’t think of, all of them here.

So the prisoners in the prison don’t run away, and no one can. There are no prison guards in the prison, and prisoners can move freely on the island without handcuffs.

The prisoners in the prison live a holiday like life in this luxurious prison, swimming, tennis, horseback riding, skiing, fishing, sunbathing and so on, and even the cells are exquisite cabins.

They are free range and self-sufficient. In addition to the regular supply, they grow vegetables, raise animals or fish and seafood to improve their food.

Seeing this, do you envy the prison in the “prison”?

Now, do you have a feeling that the earth may be such a prison, that human beings are imprisoned on the earth? Welcome to comment area.

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