Do you have these three wonderful conditions to uncover the corpse driving skills in Western Hunan and their apprenticeship conditions?

Corpse driving is a mysterious profession in Western Hunan, which can use some special witchcraft or Taoism to make corpses walk automatically. We have seen many corpse driving people in zombie movies, but not all people are competent in this profession. There are certain conditions for individual requirements.

First of all, you have to be brave, physically strong and ugly. Such a person is suitable to be a corpse chaser. There are many sayings and taboos in this industry. Let’s introduce the criteria for a corpse chaser to accept apprentices: first, you must be 16 years old, 170cm tall and ugly. The corpse chaser stands on the ground, looks at the sun, and then stops suddenly. Can you tell the direction and the direction in time No one can be hired.

Then we have to find something, because the corpse is not alive after all. When we walk, we will encounter a high slope and the corpse can not climb up. In this way, the corpse driver needs to carry the corpse over

Finally, deep mountains and forests have grave on the tomb. There is a Wutong leaf. You can get it by yourself at night. Only through these three passes can you become a corpse driver. You need to learn thirty-six kinds of work to get rid of the corpse. The most basic ones are: “stand up for meritorious service, walk, turn around, dumb dog, and revive.”

Taboo of corpse chasers: the saying of “three chases and three don’t chases” means that those who are beheaded, hanged or killed in battle cage are all forced to die. Those who die with injustice can be hooked with the method of enchantment, put the charm in the body of the corpse, and then use the magic to drive them home. Those who died of illness, those who threw themselves into the river and hanged themselves voluntarily, or those who burned their limbs incompletely, their souls were hooked by Yama, and they could not be summoned back by magic. So these are the three don’t rush.

But do corpse chasers really exist?

According to records, as early as the middle of the Qing Dynasty, corpse chasers began to appear. Their main purpose was to send people who died in other places back to their hometown. At that time, ships were used to transport corpses at first, but the current was very fast, and there was often a phenomenon of boat addiction. Therefore, the ancients were very superstitious and carried dead people not far away Jiang, but under the emergence of the corpse chaser, most of the corpse chasers are day and night, the reason is to keep a secret.

Shen Congwen, a writer in Western Hunan Province, recorded in the book people of Yuanling, describing his experiences of visiting famous witches in his hometown.

Lu Qun, an associate professor of Jishou University, wrote a book “chasing corpses in Xiangxi” after continuous investigation. He thinks that chasing corpses is not a technical reality, but a mysterious way to increase income.

CCTV’s “approaching science” reported that people who had carried corpses only left their heads and limbs, then tied them into a new body with straw, carried them on their backs and covered them with black cloth to prevent others from seeing through. There are different opinions about corpse chasers. What do you think, friends? Welcome to your comments?

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