Do you know Einstein like this? He was a pig’s hoof before he died, and his brain was stolen after he died

As we all know, Einstein is one of the most famous people in the history of science.

Einstein well explained to us that “success is 1% of genius, plus 99% of sweat”. His IQ is average, and even in the eyes of teachers, he is a “stupid child”.

But in his favorite field, he is good at thinking and observing, and perseveres, and finally becomes such a great person who has made such a great contribution to the world.

Do you know the following stories about Einstein?


Gravitational wave prediction

In 1922, Einstein won the Nobel Prize for photoelectric effect. His theory of relativity was too advanced, and the prediction of gravitational wave was not confirmed until 2016.

In physics, gravitational wave refers to the ripples in the curvature of space-time, which propagates from the radiation source in the form of wave. This kind of wave transmits energy in the form of gravitational radiation.

It is said that Einstein is an earthman with advanced soul. His existence is to guide human beings to open a new world.


Brain stolen

In 1955, shortly after Einstein’s death, his brain was stolen by pathologist Thomas Stuart Harvey.

He took it to the laboratory of Princeton University Medical Center in plansburg and cut it into 240 pieces. After 43 years of research, he only found that Einstein’s brain was 170g smaller than that of ordinary people.


Einstein was romantic

Men are all pig hooves, and Einstein is no exception. In the world of science, he is an indomitable giant, but in the real world of family life, he is indeed a “pig hoof”.

He asked his wife to abide by the rules of a good wife and mother, but he became romantic outside. He had two wives and dozens of lovers.


Travel around the most unforgettable place in the world

Einstein once traveled around the world, and the most unforgettable place was Shanghai. In his diary, he wrote: no Chinese people met me at the dock.


Einstein’s rare disease

In Einstein’s photos, his hair is in a mess. Don’t think he is sloppy. In fact, he has a rare disease called “pommel syndrome”.

People with this disease will have dry hair, easy to curl, the color will become lighter, difficult to take care of. According to statistics in 2017, there are only 100 cases of this rare disease in the world.


Most of Einstein’s scientific research results came from meditation

Einstein seldom went to the laboratory. Most of his scientific research results came from meditating at home and occasionally writing and drawing on paper.

Someone once joked that he communicated with aliens through brain waves after he entered, inheriting alien science.

However, there are also scientific studies that show that after 20-30 minutes of meditation, people’s insight solving ability will generally improve, and meditation can promote the creator’s thinking.


Leave seven predictions

Einstein left seven predictions, and the remaining three remain to be verified: human beings can cross time and space through wormholes; if bees disappear from the world, human beings can only live for four years; in the Third World War, human beings will experience nuclear war.


Regret making a nuclear bomb

But Einstein’s theory of making a nuclear bomb is the basis of his wish for peace in the world.

Einstein once said in an interview that he regretted writing to President Roosevelt to suggest the development of atomic bomb, indicating that he was worried that human beings could not control the “devil” of nuclear bomb.


No one knows

Einstein’s last words when he was critically ill were spoken in German, but because the nurses only understood English, no one knew what he said. Some people speculate that he may have left behind the ultimate mystery of the universe, but unfortunately no one can know now.

Xiao Bian thinks that although Einstein is a scum in life, his great contribution to the world and human history is undeniable. He inspired the human mind.

What else do you think of Einstein? Welcome to comment area.

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