Do you know that the four scientific theories that were once “ridiculed” are now proved to be right?

The development of mankind is advancing in constant negation. Over time, what used to be considered true may prove wrong.

Some theories were initially considered absurd and later ridiculed by others, but they have been proved correct in modern times.

Cordyceps sinensis, the State Food and drug administration has made it clear that it has no so-called medicinal value, eat more easily poisoned. But there are still many people who think it’s nonsense.

Why? Because it is used everywhere in TV, advertising and life as “magic medicine” advertising, which is actually a kind of blind obedience. Similarly, there are all kinds of Chinese herbal medicine, such as Hongmao medicinal wine.

In classical physics, heavy objects fall first. Of course, we now know that this idea is wrong, but without Galileo’s experiment, most people’s idea would be the same as that of Aristotle. Since Copernicus launched the Copernican Revolution, modern science has actually begun to develop rapidly.

However, most people’s knowledge structure remains before Copernicus, so the scientific theory since Copernicus is very destructive.

Beyond scale theory, if you have a certain education, you can also accept this kind of knowledge. Besides Galileo, Newton’s theory of mechanics is also included. Some people may even find it easy to accept it.

However, in addition to Newtonian mechanics, there are many people who do not understand quantum mechanics and relativity. The fundamental reason these people can’t understand is that these two theories don’t describe the macro and low-speed world.

Quantum mechanics describes the theory of the micro world, while relativity describes large scale, high speed (close to the speed of light) and large gravity. These two physical laws are too far away for us to understand. Therefore, it is normal not to understand these two theories.

God, there can be no God in the scientific world, but there are still many people who believe in it. In a religious environment, believing in God is a good thing, at least it teaches believers to be good people.

Similarly, there are all kinds of things, which can’t be true, but there are many people who firmly believe that there are ghosts and gods in the world.

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