Do you know that there is another you on earth?

The one and only one as like as two peas, and as like as two peas, is the same as the “you”.

There is a photographer from Canada, named branley, who is also an artist. Blanley began to work in the photography industry in 1968. His hobby is to shoot portraits, and his photography of portraits is almost obsessive. As like as two peas, he took every picture he was taking as a treasure. When he accidentally made up these pictures, he found out that two different people who were photographed at different times were not related to each other and did not know each other. They also came from different countries and could grow up the same. This makes him can’t help shouting: there is really another self in the world!

This accidental discovery aroused blanley’s great interest. He decided to start a plan and named it “me, and another me”. From the beginning of the project, blanley launched an action to help people find another self. He screened the photos of volunteers from all over the country through the Internet, then screened them one by one with his naked eye, kept comparing them, and found the most similar pair, and then confirmed them repeatedly through the video until he felt that there was no problem at all, so he invited two volunteers to take part in the shooting.

Branley devoted his time and energy to this and tried to hold an unprecedented exhibition in Canada. At the beginning, he also thought that people might not care about such things. He was afraid that no one would pay attention to the exhibition, but the result was totally unexpected. The scene was extremely hot, and the exhibition was full of people. As like as two peas in the picture, the two tourists at the scene are all be struck dumb and exclaimed. How could it be like that! ” Otherwise, it is “the most like twins is no more than that!”.

After that, blanley organized many exhibitions. Almost every exhibition he held was full, and even people from different parts of the country came to watch. The reason why blanley’s photos caused such a sensation may be that people were surprised that from different corners of the world, different parents, different families, different skin colors, and even different genders, they could be so similar to their brothers.

In an interview with blanley, he said the significance of holding the exhibition, “these photos let people understand the meaning of life and let us know how to respect life.”

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