Do you know that you become human completely because you have a magical brain

The reason why we become human, so smart and intelligent, depends entirely on our unique brain, but there are many secrets hidden in our brain, many of which we do not know. Next, we want to understand the mystery of the human body – the brain.

The reason why we can smell, speak, walk, jump and create something different with our hands is that there is a sea of stars in our body, which is composed of brain cells. From the embryonic stage, your brain began to develop rapidly. When you grow up, the number of brain cells is comparable to the stars in the galaxy. This large and beautiful network is like a kaleidoscope Full of what you see, hear and feel.

Believe it or not, this is what you look like when you are three years old. Three weeks after the embryo is formed, the brain begins to appear. Moreover, 8000 new brain cells will be added every second, from a handful of brain cells to hundreds of billions. By the time you are born, all the cells you need for your life have been formed.

After birth, your brain begins a magical journey. Brain cells begin to connect with each other. Hundreds of millions of brain cells will connect 10000 times on average.

Our brains are so big and so complex because we need them to see our world, not our eyes.

A person can blink up to 20 times per minute, each blinking time is less than half a second. If you add up all the blinking time in a day, it is equivalent to one of you disappearing in the dark. We didn’t notice it because the brain is very good at filling these gaps.

The eye is an extension of the brain. At the back of the eye is a red retina, from which external light enters and then projects onto the surface of the retina. Under the retina, there are 125 million rod cells, and each rod cell can recognize a small part of the image.

Rod cells enable us to see fast-moving objects, and also allow us to see things in the dark. It’s incredible that rod cells start to work in infancy. They are very sensitive, even the transparent shimmer outside the mother’s abdomen can be detected.

A few months before birth, they begin to exercise our brain’s black-and-white view ability, but in the sunlight, the light is much stronger, just as the baby at the moment before birth, the strong light conceals the dark vision, a group of new visual cells are activated, they are cone cells.

Human beings have a richer sense of the world than most mammals. This is because cone cells can sense three different kinds of colored light. These colored lights gather in the same place, causing the surface of the retina to expand. Year after year, the expanded surface rises continuously, forming a volcanic structure.

It wasn’t until the age of 4 that this volcanic bulge stopped completely. It’s the fovea of the retina, the only spot where you can see clearly.

Sometimes, we are eager to express what we see, so language comes into being. But speaking alone is not enough. If we want to convey the meaning of language to others, we still need to hear and understand it.

In our ears, sound triggers a series of chain reactions. The pressure wave formed by sound entering the ear stimulates our eardrum and makes it vibrate. On the other side of the eardrum, a series of bones also vibrate, and the vibration finally stops.

In the back, there is a cavity filled with fluid – the cochlea. The sound waves coming into the ear stimulate the hair like receptors and make them move with the sound of the outside world. There are 30000 receptors in the ear, each of which can sense different parts of sound and transmit it to the brain. The cochlea is the most sensitive to people’s sound, sensitive to hearing and various sounds, which has created more than 7000 languages.

In addition to controlling vision, language and hearing, our brain also needs to control other important things. It can be said that our whole life is controlled by our brain and various hormones secreted by our brain. Therefore, the world we see is limited. However, it is also because of our unique brain that human beings have made extraordinary achievements today.

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