Do you know what will be released if the temperature continues to rise and the Arctic permafrost thaws?

First of all, I have to popularize the concept of permafrost. Permafrost is not always frozen. The soil frozen for many years can be divided into upper and lower layers. The upper layer melts in summer and freezes in winter every year, so it is also called active layer. The lower layer is frozen all year round, which is called permafrost layer or permafrost layer. The thickness of the permafrost in the Arctic is amazing. The thickness of the permafrost in the Arctic is more than 1000 meters, and the temperature has been maintained at minus 15%. However, with the recent global temperature rising slowly, the temperature of the permafrost has also begun to increase, which may lead to a result that the permafrost may thaw! This has caused a stir in the scientific and academic circles. It’s a bit strange, right? Why does ice melting make the scientific community so nervous?

It is true that there are not many permafrost in the world, and there are many permafrost, but the Arctic permafrost is the biggest threat. There was a time when the permafrost in the Arctic was the home of plants and animals, as well as ancient bacteria and viruses. However, with the constant decrease of temperature, the soil was frozen, and all these plants and animals, including ancient bacteria and viruses, were frozen in it. In other words, the permafrost in the Arctic will be a Pandora’s box for human beings. Once it is opened, it will definitely threaten all human beings. Many people may despise the virus, but in fact, the virus is the most destructive thing in world history, far more than natural disasters and wars. Take the famous black death in Europe as an example. In the Decameron written by Boccaccio, the witness, it is written: pedestrians suddenly fall to the ground and die while walking in the street; people who stay at home die alone, and no one knows before the smell of corpses is smelled; a large number of corpses are transported outside the city every day and hour; cows wander around the streets of the city, but no one can be seen.

The black death directly caused the death of one third of the population in Europe, which shows its power. However, this is only a state apart from the spread of the virus, it has such a power, then those separated by tens of thousands of years, hundreds of thousands of years of the virus and how terrible? The reason why we are now able to avoid the pain of the virus is that our viruses are now mutated on the original virus, and we use advanced instruments to easily grasp the treatment method of this virus. So once we find new viruses, we can immediately develop treatment methods, but ancient viruses are not like this. We don’t know these viruses at all, and there is no original virus to compare. Once the ancient virus breaks out, it is likely that it will be helpless.

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