Do you need to hand in the meteorite falling on the earth? You may not believe it

People all know that gold is expensive. In fact, there are many more precious materials than gold. First of all, some rare metals on earth are more expensive than gold. Meteorites from outer space are more expensive than gold. But are these meteorites just some stones? Why are they so expensive? The main reason is that it has a different identity. It comes from the mysterious universe and has a noble identity. Even a broken stone is very precious.

As for meteorites, the ancient people worshipped them because of their lack of knowledge. Once a meteorite falls on the earth and is picked up by people, it is absolutely a sensation. Some people even worship meteorites as gods. However, with the continuous progress of human science and technology, human knowledge of the universe has increased, and meteorites are no longer mysterious.

Meteorite is a part of the universe where some flowing objects enter the earth’s atmosphere unintentionally and are not left by the burning embers of the atmosphere when they reach the ground. The earth is also an object in the universe. If the earth’s stone is thrown on other planets, the earth’s stone will be very expensive. The reason why the price of meteorite is very expensive now is that it has some research value.

The universe is vast and mysterious. We know very little about other planets in the universe. Coupled with the limitation of science and technology, we can’t land on many planets to collect minerals for research, and these meteorites accidentally fall to the earth become a way for human beings to understand and study the universe. Another reason is that it is rare. Although it is also a stone, meteorite is a rare stone outside the earth. Some people will make it into jewelry or collect it, so its value is also speculation.

Meteorites are very valuable, which is the consensus of everyone. Therefore, every year, many people will go to some places where meteorites often fall to try their luck to see if they can find a meteorite. In this way, they will get rich. At this time, someone may want to ask: don’t you need to hand in the meteorites that fall to the earth? But we know that many of the things we get out of the ground need to be handed in.

For this problem, there is no clear stipulation in China that the meteorite found by ourselves needs to be handed in. The main reason is that the meteorite is not something from the earth, belongs to an alien, and the state does not have an absolute patent to own it. Whoever finds it will own it. As for the meteorite from space, once someone finds it, if it has very high research value, the state will pay a high price for it Buy it.

It is precisely because the person who finds the meteorite is the one who owns it, so once a meteorite falls down somewhere on the earth, the place will soon become lively. People who are looking for meteorites, people who are purchasing meteorites, and scientific research institutions will flock to it. There have been two significant meteorite landings in China this year, both in Yunnan. The first time was when an American satellite found a meteorite falling in Yunnan, China, and local people also saw a fireball hitting the ground in the sky.

After a period of time, Taobao people from all over the country entered Yunnan and began to look for the meteorite in the mountains. However, due to the complex terrain, no one knew where the meteorite fell, and finally no one found it. The next day, the meteorite fell badly. This time, instead of falling into the mountains, it directly crashed into a village. The meteorite burned in the sky and broke into many pieces, which made it difficult to find The meteorites all hit around a village, and one of the larger ones went directly into a farmer’s home, smashing a hole in the roof. Of course, the larger meteorite also fell into the hands of the farmer.

After the second meteorite fall, it was the general mobilization of the whole country. The national research institutions went, the meteorite collectors went, and the meteorite seekers went. In a word, in the next few days, many people from all over the country poured into this small Yunnan village, just like rushing to the market every day. Because these meteorites fell around the village, the villagers also knew the value of meteorites, so soon the villagers took action and found most of them.

Later, when people from all over the country came to the villages, they began to buy the meteorites in the hands of these villagers. Because there were too many people who bought them, the price was soaring all the way. At the highest time, 20 grams sold for 666000 yuan, which was much more expensive than gold. There were many people competing for tens of thousands of yuan per gram, and the family who was smashed by a big meteorite got a big meteorite However, it also sold for a lot of money.

After the meteorite fall in Yunnan, more people want to pick up the meteorite. They all know that it’s worth tens of thousands of yuan per gram, and they don’t need to hand it in. Whoever finds it will have it. But in fact, the real value of meteorites is not so expensive. They are all hyped up by people. Some meteorites do have high research value, such as some precious iron meteorites and glass meteorites. The reason why these meteorites are precious is that they come from the depths of the universe. But the value of most meteorites is not high, and it is very unwise to spend a high price to buy meteorites to keep their value. Why do you say that?

With the continuous progress of human space science and technology, it will not be too difficult for people to explore the universe in the future. At this time, it will be easy to bring back some minerals from other planets in space. At that time, the value of meteorites will plummet, which may be the same as the ordinary stone heads in the earth’s mountains. A ton can be sold for hundreds of pieces. Unless your meteorite comes from a deeper space, there will be some value in places that humans can’t reach.

Guys, do you think meteorites are worth as much as gold? Welcome to comment below to discuss and express your opinion.

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