“Do you need to wipe with paper after urinating?” Do you accept the expert’s statement?

“Do you need to wipe with paper after urinating?” Recently, this kind of problem has caused heated discussion on the Internet. In fact, it will also lead to many problems. Xiaobian first asks you, what do you use if you don’t use paper after Xiaobian? Let’s imagine

Could it be a towel?


First, towel! Towel always gives people the impression that it’s clean. It must be very clean to wipe your face and body. So it’s used to clean your private parts. Isn’t it too tight? There are so many hairs on the towel, and bacteria cover it like insects, and then climb into your body.

Could it be a wet towel?

Secondly, there are sanitary wipes. When you use them, they are very cool and comfortable, as if they are floating in the sky. When you see the materials, it will make your heart experience the feeling of Sprite. It’s called a cool heart, and it will make your soul sublimate! Scared the soul out of the body….


Finally, don’t wipe?

Most girls can’t stand such behavior. Every day, the first thing you do when you go home is to rush to the toilet at the speed of Liu Xiang’s 100 meter hurdle race to replace this dirty little inner room. If you don’t wipe it for a long time, it will cause itching in your private parts, and it may also have a strange smell.


But you know what? Some experts have said that there is no need to wipe with paper after urinating, because the lower body itself will have a certain self-cleaning ability, and most girls will change and wash their underwear every day. With such behavior, even if there are a few stains inside the underwear, it is not harmful. Do you accept the expert’s view?

Some netizens speculated that such words might come from male doctors, but Xiaobian thought that the purpose of his words was probably to express that toilet paper is not safe, because the surface of the paper is also easy to breed bacteria. If the tissue you use is not sanitary, then it’s better not to wipe it.

But how to choose a tissue?


1. Look at the appearance

Choosing paper is the same as looking for a girl’s object. Who says I don’t look first when looking for an object? I’ll climb your window in the middle of the night and go blind! The clean and tidy packing outside is not good paper, but also produced by large factories.


2. Look at the production date and certificate

You said you can’t ask if your partner is unmarried or not, and whether you are allowed to get married. Finally, look at the quality of the paper itself, there is wood and toughness, easy not easy to drop, not paper residue, looking for the object can not understand the object has the ability of wood, as for which aspect of the ability, hey, you know!

3. Distinguish occasion


Why is it necessary to say that the field is divided and the field is united? Xiaobian, for example, if you are the owner of a shopping mall, you need to consume a lot of paper towels every day. Based on the principle of making money, which one is 1 yuan per roll or 5 yuan per roll (Xiaobian is an example) would you choose? And the paper towel of public toilet is exposed outdoors for a long time, and the sanitation of toilet is not up to standard. It’s better to use such paper towel than not to use it.

Listen to make complaints about so much, can you listen to your Tucao?


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