Do you really know Pluto? The environment and the earth can not be compared, the key is acid rain!

What is Pluto like? After seeing the real environment, we all overestimated it!

In 2006, Pluto was still the ninth largest planet. NASA launched the new horizon probe into space. The ultimate goal of the probe was to fly to Pluto. After nine years, the new horizon finally arrived at Pluto in 2015. Due to the limited materials it carried, it did not enter Pluto’s orbit. It was almost 1.25 km away from Pluto and returned to earth, During this period, the new horizon actually captured many details about Pluto, once again refreshing the human understanding of Pluto.

Pluto is a very mysterious existence. We can’t know its surface temperature at all. Some scientists speculate that its surface temperature may be around minus 200 degrees. There is no doubt that there is a frozen world. In this extreme environment, there is almost no life. Not only the temperature is very low, but also the environment is extremely bad. What is Pluto like? After seeing the real environment, we all overestimated it!

According to relevant research, 98% of Pluto’s surface is solid carbon, and there are a small amount of methane and carbon monoxide, which is very frightening. Because its temperature is quite low, most of the material on Pluto is solid, and the liquid material is very rare, gradually forming methane iceberg.

In addition, its atmosphere is also very thin, mainly composed of carbon gas, methane and carbon monoxide. Human beings live on the earth for a long time and can’t live without oxygen all the time. If they stay on Pluto for a second, maybe their bodies can’t bear it. After a period of observation, astronomers have made a new discovery that Pluto’s mass is not as heavy as expected, but very close to the earth.

After that, through a series of methods, Pluto’s mass estimation is also declining infinitely. It has to be said that Pluto’s surface temperature and internal environment are very terrible and unacceptable. Human beings have lived on the extremely warm planet earth for a long time, and they know little about Pluto. The data sent back by new horizon has given human beings a deeper understanding of Pluto and overturned their previous imagination. I didn’t expect Pluto to have such an unknown scene. We really underestimated it.

Nowadays, human beings are speeding up the search for a planet suitable for human existence other than the earth. It is obvious that Pluto is impossible. Pluto’s environment is extremely bad, and everywhere it goes is barren. Even if there are creatures, their life expectancy is extreme. After all, it is impossible to adapt to such an environment as long as there is life. Many creatures in the face of harsh environment, will change the function of the body, but the real face of Pluto’s environment, it is estimated that no one can bear. Apart from Pluto, there are many stars in the universe worth exploring. What do you know about Pluto? You can leave a message for interaction.

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