Do you really know the earth? These three secrets about the fate of mankind are disturbing!

Three unknown secrets on earth are related to human survival, and scientists have no solution!

It has been 2 million years since the birth of human beings, and they have gradually become the masters of the earth. Human beings think they know a lot about the earth, and only after they really go out of the earth do they know that they only know the rough earth. In this vast universe, like a drop in the ocean, human beings are not worth mentioning. Since childhood, teachers have taught us that knowledge can change our destiny. It’s not until we grow up that knowledge is not the only way. We can change our destiny through other ways.

Human beings are the most special life in many creatures. They can create products with their hands. Even if they become the leader of the earth, they are still very confused about their own destiny. There are too many unsolved mysteries in the world. Although scientists devote themselves to exploring, they have never found an answer. Among them, many mysteries about the earth are puzzling for scientists. What are they? Three unknown secrets on earth are related to human survival, and scientists have no solution!

The first is the real mass of the earth. If you ask about the mass of the earth, perhaps many people’s first reaction is 6 trillion tons, but this figure is not accurate. If you go through complex calculations and then through the law of gravity, you can’t calculate it accurately. If human beings can make a major breakthrough in the quality of the earth in the future, and understand its real weight, they may have a deeper understanding of the earth, no longer the skin.

The second one is comets in the universe. Comets seem harmless, but they are actually very terrible. In 1994, a comet flew towards the earth. Fortunately, it was intercepted by Jupiter, which has strong gravity and attracts the comet to it to avoid the impact on the earth. If the comet hit the earth at that time, the sixth mass extinction will be imminent Coming, in a sense, everyone should hold a heart of gratitude to Jupiter. If it wasn’t for Jupiter, maybe the earth would have been destroyed long ago.

Finally, where are the satellites launched by human beings? Since ancient times, mankind has launched countless satellites, some of which have never returned to earth after losing contact. What have these disappeared satellites become? After understanding, we know that these satellites have turned into space garbage. These space garbage not only block the line of sight of exploring the universe, but also are prone to accidents. After all, it is very terrible for these space debris to land on the earth. Now scientists are trying to eliminate these space garbage by scientific and technological means, but it is still difficult to eliminate them completely.

These are all very troublesome problems in the universe. Everyone should not spend his life on the earth. Only when he devotes himself to exploring the unknown fields can he find more possibilities. The earth is the only home of mankind, its good and bad are related to human survival. How much do you really know about the earth? You can interact in the comments area.

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