Do you really know tree embracing Buddha? There is a mysterious thing hidden in the palm sized tree hole!

Do you really know tree embracing Buddha? There is a mysterious thing hidden in the palm sized tree hole!

The existence of all things in the world always has its own reason. From the dinosaur period to now, there have been many species extinction. Fortunately, human beings have finally become the leader of the earth. We have to say that the earth is a mysterious planet, which provides a suitable environment for the growth of creatures. Besides human beings, there are many spiritual animals and plants. In order to know more about the unknown field, scientists try their best to explore and study.

Nowadays, human beings have more or less some understanding of the earth, but it will take some time to really understand it thoroughly. There are too many mysterious places on the earth, and there are many creatures that have never been seen before. This series of creatures is full of praise. We must have rarely heard of tree embracing Buddha. Few people who don’t believe in Buddhism know it. So what is tree embracing Buddha? Do you really know tree embracing Buddha? There is a mysterious thing hidden in the palm sized tree hole!

Every Buddha statue needs a niche to be loaded and worshipped conveniently. For this reason, almost every temple will try its best to create a niche. The more elaborate the niche is, the more sincere the attitude is. The tree holding Buddha is not the same. It is not made of ordinary materials, but of a natural root. Many people think it’s incredible, but it does exist.

Once in a village called kaoting village, there was a thousand year old tree. It was also the only tree in China that held Buddha. What was puzzling was that there was a child hidden in the tree cave. It was amazing. Many people were wondering whether there was a Buddha before there was a tree, and there was a tree before there was a Buddha. Archaeological village is the oldest village. There are many ancient relics left here, and the development of this village is also very prosperous. In addition, the soil, water and climate are particularly suitable for plant growth, and the trees and Buddhas grow vigorously.

According to statistics, it has a history of more than 1000 years, and it takes almost a dozen people to hold this huge tree. When summer comes, villagers like to enjoy the cool under the tree. At that time, they didn’t find a Buddha statue in the camphor tree. Because a child was naughty, they found the Buddha statue after climbing up the tree. In this huge tree, there is a hole about the size of a palm. Through this hole, we can see clearly the Buddha statue inside. It is like a very small child, and there are many sayings about it.

Some people speculate that it was in the Ming Dynasty that someone broke open the camphor tree and dug a hole to put the Buddha statue in it. With the passage of time, it gradually healed. After more than 1000 years, many people have almost forgotten about it, and inadvertently discovered the Buddha statue. At present, there are many different opinions about tree embracing Buddha. It has a very long history. This rare tree embraces Buddha, and everyone needs to protect it. What do you think of tree embracing Buddha? You can leave a message for interaction.

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