Do you smell it after you take off your socks? Don’t be shy. It’s a normal human reaction

You might think Xiao Bian is a pervert? No, what Xiaobian is going to say today is called science, because many people may do this, and smell it after taking off their socks. If you also have this kind of performance, don’t be shy, because this is the performance of biological indirect observation of physical health, similar to the dog peeing under the root of a tree and then sniffing back.

By smelling things with their own smell, animals can reconfirm their existence and health, which can bring them a sense of security. For all animals, this “smelly item” is usually the most suitable excretion, including sweat, urine, runny nose and even feces.

So you may smell it instinctively when you take off your socks or underwear. For most people, this is to observe whether your body is normal recently. Similarly, you may open the paper to see the color after blowing your nose; after urinating, you may see whether it is white, light yellow or dark yellow (dark yellow usually means recent fire); or you may see the color of your stool when you flush the toilet after defecating.

Don’t be shy, and don’t make fun of Xiaobian. Xiaobian just faces up to this problem. Because feces can reflect a lot of physical conditions of organisms, so feces also have the theory of “digestive tract alarm”. Normal stool should be yellow or brownish yellow, because it contains bile duct excretion of bile flavin, but if there are other colors, the body is likely to have problems, need to see a doctor, take the most obvious example: if there is blood in the stool showing red, there are hemorrhoids or digestive tract problems. If it is a digestive tract problem, the stool and blood are mixed (pinch a mud, shape a you, shape a me, you have me, I have you, this feeling), otherwise it is hemorrhoids.

So in fact, it’s very normal for us to judge our health by smelling socks. Of course, if you want to smell them because you are too lazy and can’t wear them tomorrow, that’s an exception. In addition, Xiaobian suggests that you just do it by yourself. Don’t bother your partner, or you will bear the consequences.

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