Do you think there is only one “human” in the world?

As we all know, animals can be divided into seven levels: boundary, phylum, order, family, genus and species. Now many different kinds of animals used to have the same ancestor. For example, cats, leopards and lions all belong to the Felidae family. They may all come from an ancestor about 25 million years ago.

Then we can’t help asking whether human beings were once divided into different species, not only Homo sapiens who now rule the earth, but also other races. Human beings are always willing to believe that people are the most different animals in the world, and we are the only one. But this is not the case, we belong to a large number of hominids, they are a bunch of great apes.

Maybe 2.5 million years ago, an Australopithecus gave birth to a baby. I don’t know why there were some genetic changes in this baby. Maybe he had a little more brain capacity. Such a small change may enable him to learn how to use stones to explore the bone marrow in bones. This somewhat changed Australopithecus grew up, began to have its own offspring, and then a new group emerged.

About two million years ago, these changed hominids started their journey from southern Africa to North Africa, then to Europe, then to Asia, and finally to all over the world.

In order to adapt to the changes of environment, these ancient humans gradually changed their genes and became different races. Neanderthals in Western Europe, Homo erectus in Asia, thoros in Indonesia, dwarfs in Floris, etc. all over the world are full of different races.

But I don’t know why, now there is only Homo sapiens in human beings, so where are our other “brothers and sisters”?

There is a theory of mixed reproduction, which means that there is no need for mixed reproduction among races to form today’s people. According to this theory, Homo sapiens, who first appeared in Africa, like his ancestors, embarked on a journey all over the world. They met Neanderthals in Europe, and then formed what is now Eurasian. They went to East Asia and mixed with the local Homo erectus to breed, resulting in today’s Asians.

There is another way of saying it is “substitution theory”. There is no special correlation between different races, maintaining the nature of animals. In order to protect their own resources and territory, many battles broke out, and then the weaker side was kicked out of the stage of history. It may be that the two sides are not related to each other, but Homo sapiens’ technology is more advanced and social skills are higher, and then they begin to breed on a large scale in the same place, and the other person’s life becomes more and more difficult, and finally slowly disappears.

At present, people generally prefer the “substitution theory”, but this problem has not been completely settled. In order to know why Homo sapiens is the only race now, scientists need to continue to find and confirm this problem.

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