Does advanced civilization really exist? A planet 100 times larger than the sun has disappeared. Where has it gone?

Human beings live on the earth, thanks to the earth’s gravity has not been sucked into space. Safe and sound survival. We can see a lot of planets with different brightness at night. These planets seem to be in a static state. In fact, they are all running at a very fast speed. Maybe we can see this planet today, and it will disappear tomorrow. Scientists have never stopped exploring alien civilization. The universe has existed for 13.8 billion years. In such a long time, there must be different civilizations. Recently, scientists have found that a star 100 times larger than the sun has suddenly disappeared. Is this related to alien civilization?

Scientists are unable to observe the exact location of the planet

The mysteriously disappeared planet is 75 million light-years away from the earth. Although with the current scientific and technological means, human beings can not directly observe its true face, its signal can be monitored by satellite. According to the satellite data, the disappearing star is white dwarf Phl 293b in Aquarius, which is shining with a very dazzling blue light. It is precisely because of its high brightness that we can observe this distant planet.

In fact, as early as 2001. Scientists have found the existence of this star, but its energy is unstable, so the research is more difficult. The brightness of this star is 100 times that of the sun. According to the current science and technology, if a star with relatively large mass dies out, its power is no less than explosive eruption. If the explosion caused by a planetary collision disappears, scientists can monitor it, but they find that there is no sign of the disappearance of the planet.

The disappearance of planets may be related to their explosive state

Excluding the problem of planetary collision, many people have speculated about the reason why this planet mysteriously disappeared. Is there really an alien civilization in the universe, which has been mysteriously decomposed by using very advanced technology? Although this idea is somewhat strange, it can not be denied that there is no alien civilization in the universe. But scientists can’t guarantee that the planet will disappear in the alien civilization.

They think the disappearance of the planet may have something to do with the black hole. The universe is boundless. Hawking, a famous scientist, once predicted that there is a black hole in the universe. Once a moving planet enters the black hole, it will disappear and even go to another space. It was in 2019 that people first photographed black holes, and people began to believe that black holes really exist. The planet mysteriously disappeared without a trace, perhaps into the black hole.

Of course, some scientists believe that the planet may have been in an explosive state. Since the planet’s interior has been in a state of material loss, perhaps the star has not disappeared, but darkened. Because it was so far away from the earth that scientists could not observe its exact location, it was thought to have disappeared. What do you think about this planet? Welcome to comment area message exchange discussion.

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