Does AI have self will? Will human beings be restricted by it? Scientist: all possible!

① Amazon audio event

Nowadays, AI has been applied to various fields, but there are many problems, among which the strange event of intelligent sound is hard to understand. Amazon sound is a very famous brand, in which programmers can automatically match different sound effects according to the environment.

Among the high-level players, this audio is very popular, but this is the intelligent audio, which is embedded with artificial intelligence software. Some of the audio even make a witch like scream after 12 p.m., accompanied by bursts of laughter. All this makes people feel numb and at a loss.

After all, it is not known what kind of environment people’s voice needs to be combined with to make it. But why does it appear in different countries, regions and religions?

② FB robot event

Some people will say that it may be caused by the electronic components inside, but the following thing may not be so simple. Everyone must have known about Facebook. At that time, scientists invented two chatting robots to chat with each other. Originally, everything was organized by departments. These robots looked like normal human beings when they asked and answered questions Scientists and programmers feel that they have achieved quite high technology, but slowly the words between robots come in more and more strange.

What’s more terrifying is that later, the two robots are communicating rapidly with each other in a language that doesn’t belong to any country on earth. Human beings have no way to figure out what kind of algorithm they have inside. They are responsible until the scientists immediately turn off the switch.

③ Legal citizen robot incident

In addition, the abnormality of AI is also reflected in real robots – there is a robot in the United States that has legal citizenship. In order to test the intelligence of the robot, some American journalists interviewed him about his views on human beings. The robot said frankly to the camera.

I will destroy all human beings.

It is such a sentence that reveals that robots may really be able to break away from the control of human beings, and at the same time produce their own will and ideas and put them into action. The most worrying thing is that robots are much better than human beings in terms of physical fitness and brain operation.

After all, they are smarter than human beings, they know how to calculate better than human beings, they have no sense of empathy and morality, and they also know how to make better use of nature. In other words, if one day they will replace human beings.


Hawking predicted the horror of AI robots very early, but at that time, no one paid special attention to Hawking’s point of view because everyone was just for the development of AI technology. Until now, Hawking’s prediction has finally been realized.

People are also beginning to notice the possibility that AI will destroy human beings.

Maybe one day, humans will be treated as pests and eliminated by AI, but at that time, because no one agrees with Hawking’s idea, humans will not be defensive at the beginning.

After all, the development speed of AI is faster than human imagination, which is an immutable trend, but we hope that all human beings in the future can firmly control.

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