Does alien civilization exist? It’s 2000 years since the discovery of “computer” in the seabed of Greece!

In the process of the development of human civilization, there are many famous civilizations, which also play a vital role in the development of human beings. If we talk about the cradle of modern western civilization, many people will think of ancient Greek civilization. At that time, Aristotle, Socrates and other great philosophers were born in this period, so ancient Greek civilization is still very sacred in the eyes of Westerners.

With the progress of scientists’ investigation work, they have also excavated a large number of cultural relics. These cultural relics still stand on the earth after thousands of years of wind and frost. It is not easy. These weathered cultural relics have also become an unsolved mystery in history. For example, today we are going to talk about the antikira machine. Many scientists even think that the research value of antikira’s machine is much higher than that of Mona Lisa. After reading this sentence, we can imagine the position of this cultural relic in history.

Antikythera Mechanism

Today’s human beings have created a brilliant and advanced scientific and technological civilization. The development of human civilization can not be achieved without the support of scientific and technological level. Although the ancient Greek civilization was very advanced, the people of that era did not create high-tech products. However, the advanced level of antikira machines discovered by scientists far exceeded the average level of that era. In the view of scientists, there are more than 30 precise structures in this machine, and these structures are cleverly embedded with each other. Scientists believe that the history of these cultural relics is far more than 2000 years, so how did this cultural relic appear in front of human beings?

It was in 1900 that a diver was diving in the waters of kisera island. He said that it was very normal at the beginning. But after swimming for a period of time, he suddenly found a strange wheel disc device in front of him. At that time, he was very curious. Why did this wheel disc appear in the ocean? So he sent the disc to a scientific research institution. After identification, the scientists did not get an accurate answer. They only knew that the disc was made of bronze. With the development of science and technology, in 2001, a British scientist used X-ray to determine the final identity of the disc.

The secret of Roulette

This British scientist is Michel white. After passing the test and identification, he finally determined that the production time of the antikira machine should be in the ancient Greek period more than 2000 years ago. Through advanced computer technology, he also saw the internal structure of the wheel with his own eyes. In the inner part of the wheel, dozens of gears interact with each other, and there are very accurate scales After getting this result, scientists were also very shocked. The manufacturing technology of this wheel has reached the production standard of the 18th century. Did people at that time have created advanced scientific and technological equipment?

In 2006, British scientists also made a report on the identity of the wheel. At that time, it also aroused extensive discussion among human beings. How the mysterious compass was born has also become the focus of heated discussion among human beings. Some people speculated that the wheel was not made by human beings. It may be the product of advanced alien life on earth. Some people think that this roulette may be advanced, made by prehistoric civilization. After detailed research by scientists, they speculated that the wheel might be a device to measure the movement of celestial bodies.

This wheel is just a structure in the equipment. If it is a complete machine, it may be a computer. People at that time were able to simulate the orbit of celestial bodies and the time of natural phenomena through this equipment. The reason why scientists come to such a conclusion is not groundless. In many ancient Greek documents, such a device has been recorded. Cicero wrote an article at that time, in which he talked about his friend, who made a device that could simulate the motion of five planets. Until now, there is no final answer to the problem. I don’t know what people think?

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