Does alien civilization really exist? Scientists found a big star, the cycle of the problem!

1480 light years away from the earth, the light of a planet changes from bright to dark. Is it the alien civilization that made it?

Life on Earth starts from nothing and sometimes ends. The existence of every life is very meaningful, adding a little luster to the earth. For a long time, scientists have been puzzled by many problems, such as how was the first life on earth born? Is human the only life in the universe? These problems are of great significance.

All creatures on the earth are evolved through a long period of evolution, and everything is the result of natural selection. Many people can’t help wondering that compared with those prehistoric creatures in the past, human beings have no advantage in body size, and can become the masters of the earth. In fact, it has a great connection with human brain. The brain is unique, with wisdom and consciousness, which can distinguish human from human The difference between animals, with its existence, human does not need to use brute force, can also defeat a giant, but also create a variety of weapons. 1480 light years away from the earth, the light of a planet changes from bright to dark. Is it the alien civilization that made it?

Everything on earth is traceable

Life on the earth is either generated by chemical action, and many of them come to the earth because of meteorite landing, which is a process from complex to simple. Since we came into contact with Darwin’s theory of evolution, we have learned more about our ancestors. However, there are too many faults in this book, which can not be explained by the existing human knowledge. The extinction of dinosaurs 6500 years ago was a sudden event, and so far scientists have not given up on its in-depth study.

Dinosaur is a kind of monster with ferocious habits. It can be seen that it has extremely strong power if it can be exterminated. One of the most convincing views is the impact of asteroids. All these are to be congratulated. If dinosaur has not been exterminated, it may not be the turn for human to dominate the earth. From these key points of view, the emergence of life is not without reason, which is full of too much contingency, only with the appropriate environment and birth conditions, perhaps life can exist.

Scientists discover a mysterious star

Over the years, scientists have devoted themselves to the study of alien civilization and are eager to find the traces of alien civilization in the vast universe. The emergence of various radio telescope detectors has enabled human beings to have a deeper understanding of the universe. Unfortunately, for such a long time, there is still no news about alien civilization, so scientists believe that alien civilization may exist in a higher dimension than human civilization The space of degree, that is four-dimensional space. Four dimensional space is a field that human beings can’t touch. Unless there is another subversive breakthrough in the existing technology of human beings, it is difficult to touch the creatures in four-dimensional space.

Scientists once discovered a star named Tabby, which is 1480 light-years away from the earth. Strangely enough, since 2011, its operation has been periodically darkened, which means that there are huge objects around to block its light, so it will slowly darken. Scientists speculate that it is possible that high-level civilization is building a big project on Tabby, or exploiting resources. Alien civilization has always been an eternal problem. Everyone is eager to find it and prove that he is not a lonely individual in the universe. Just insist that there will be the possibility of discovery. Do you think alien civilization really exists? You can leave a message for interaction.

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