Does death not mean the end of life? Scientists give answers, or about parallel universes!

Can people reincarnate? A scientist boldly guesses, or involves the parallel universe!

In physics, objects have two states: static and moving. In this vast universe, any object is constantly changing, that is to say, they are moving at any time. Everything in the universe will come to an end when it is born. Take human beings as an example, everyone who has lived in the world for decades can not escape the fate of death.

There are many folk legends. Some people say that people will become stars in the sky after death. Others think that people will enter heaven after death, which is the so-called another world. However, many religious legends believe that people can reincarnate after death. From the perspective of known science, the scientific community does not recognize this view, and its exploration of life has never stopped. Can people reincarnate? A scientist boldly guesses, or involves the parallel universe!

An American biologist once believed that human death does not mean the end of life. In his research, he found that human brain is the most special body organ, which has three dimensions, while the nervous system has 11 dimensions. Our brain can fully understand the 13 dimensions, that is, our consciousness is generated in the brain. From the perspective of quantum mechanics, all matter can be quantized. If so, human consciousness can also be quantized to produce quantum effect. Matter changes from one matter to another, and eventually human history will exist in another world, which is the so-called parallel world.

Since ancient times, there are many legends about parallel world. After all, there are many strange cases in the world, which even science can’t explain clearly. Human consciousness comes from different quantum time, which means that more parallel universes can be produced. After a person dies, it will survive in another parallel universe. Of course, this is only a guess of scientists. It is not certain without sufficient scientific basis.

As for whether parallel universes really exist, it is still under investigation. However, there have been many cases about parallel universes in history, which is puzzling. If parallel universes really do not exist, how can these magical cases be explained? When everyone is faced with death, his heart will be extremely afraid. A person’s life is only once. No one knows whether he can reincarnate or not. This has involved ethical issues.

If we can prove the existence of parallel universe, we can also prove that human death does not mean the end of life, it will exist in another world in another form. Everyone has his own understanding and ideas. If he boldly puts forward hypotheses, he will have the motivation to explore. If he does not persist and work hard, he will certainly not get anything. Maybe when human technology reaches the peak stage, these secrets will be revealed one by one. Do you think the legendary parallel universe really exists? You can leave a message for interaction.

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