Does dragon exist? In 1934, “Yingkou dragon” incident, the old man’s “keel” may have an answer!

As the once dominant dinosaur of the earth, human beings have never seen its true appearance, and we can only restore its appearance through fossils. Since ancient times, the dragon is a symbol of auspiciousness. According to the records of ancient books, we can see that the dragon is a kind of creature with scales and strong limbs. They can not only go to heaven and earth, but also bring rain with lightning. In fact, the dragon is a non-existent creature.

But there was once an old man in China who claimed that he had found the keel. He thinks that the dragon is real, not a fabricated image. The old man’s name is song Zheyi. He once went to the experts with the keels he picked up. Although the experts accepted the keels and the bones were well preserved, the scientists didn’t think that they were dragon bones. Until one day, a staff member took out a newspaper, which had been published for a long time A dragon falling incident was reported, which was witnessed by more than 100000 people at that time.

Yingkou dragon falling incident

The incident took place in Yingkou, a historical ancient city in Liaoning Province. This article also described the scene in detail, and published photos of the scene. The photos showed blood stained dragon bodies and sharp dragon horns. All around are the bustling Yingkou citizens. If this incident happened, the 100000 or so Yingkou citizens would not lie. However, because the three eastern provinces had been occupied by the enemy at that time, many things disappeared in the long history. It will still take a long time to explore the authenticity of this incident.

It is said that in July 1934, there was a heavy rainstorm in Yingkou. Even the nearby farmland became the sea, and all the factories were destroyed. This natural disaster can be regarded as a heavy blow. Every Yingkou people are fighting with the flood. In the process, a huge creature appeared in the sky. This creature has black hair and sharp claws, just like the dragon in the fairy tale. But the belly of the dragon is bleeding constantly. It can be seen that the injury is still serious .

Is the keel real?

At that time, the story was very popular. The reporter rushed to the scene and photographed the photos truthfully. However, the dragon was seriously injured, and the surrounding residents could only bring the dragon to the shore. At that time, the crowd of onlookers reached more than 100000. After seeing this report, the experts quickly analyzed the dragon bones sent by song Zheyi. Does the Dragon really exist?

After the test results came out, scientists were greatly disappointed. It turned out that this was not the bone of a dragon, but the wild horse of ancient times. If the Dragon doesn’t exist, how to explain the newspaper of 1934? Scientists believe that the giant creatures in the newspaper are not dragons, but modern baleen whales. They generally live in shallow water. At that time, a tornado may have broken out, and they may have been narrowly blown to Yingkou. That’s why they have the idea of falling dragons.

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