Does evolution not apply to humans? There is a gap of 130000 years in human history, like suddenly appearing on the earth

When it comes to “evolutionism”, it is estimated that many people will say: “it is an unchangeable principle of natural development, from survival of the fittest to survival of the fittest, from low to high, from simple to complex…” In fact, the theory of evolution is not immutable. It has been developing all the time, and each development will be higher than before.

The picture shows the process of human evolution

The evolutionary process is the result of all living things to adapt to the environment

1. Food is scarce and giraffes have evolved to have long necks

With the continuous change and development of the natural environment, the organs often used by creatures on the earth will gradually develop with the increase of the frequency of use. For example, many people can’t help asking: “why is the neck of giraffe so long?” In fact, the giraffe’s neck length is also the result of evolution with the change of natural environment.

As early as in ancient times, the necks of giraffes’ ancestors were not so long at all, but very short. Moreover, giraffes’ forelimbs were also very short. Their height was like that of modern goats. They could easily taste the food on the ground and live a very relaxed life. However, with the change of the earth’s ecological environment, through the acceleration of breeding speed, the neck gradually changed from short to long.

The grassland in the original ecological area is very lush, but with the change of the natural environment, the food in the area where giraffes live is very scarce, and there is little food left on the earth. In order to survive, giraffes find that they can find what they want to eat in the tree. After tasting the food from the “big tree”, they have experienced the cruel experience of “survival of the fittest”, and giraffe’s neck has gradually changed In the process of evolution, the gene of “longer neck” has been passed on, and the heart has gradually become bigger, creating a miracle of evolution.

The picture shows the evolution of giraffe

2. The ancestors of horses are only the same size as foxes. In order to adapt to the living environment, evolutionary changes have taken place

Is a horse born that big? The answer is not so. Horses are strange hoofed animals, which originated from ancient ungulates. In fact, as early as 5800 years ago, there were all kinds of hoofed animals on the earth. They were just a flash in the pan. In the 18th century, British scientists discovered mammal teeth and mandible fragments. These fossils attracted scientists’ attention. From this kind of fossils, scientists found that it belonged to horse, also known as “Hyacinth”. Its size and appearance is only the size of a fox, and it is known as the ancestor of all horses in today’s world.

In the process of evolution, the size of the horse has changed greatly, from small to large. In the past, the legs and feet of the horse were not long. However, in order to adapt to the gradual transition from forest to grassland life and complete a series of movements such as jumping and running, the legs and feet of the horse gradually changed and kept growing. The size of the ancient grassland horse is not as big as we can see in the modern film and television works. The ancient grassland horse is only as big as the modern pony. Due to the changes in the ecological environment and food, the teeth of the horse have gradually changed. Attacked by grassland carnivores, the horse has gradually developed the habit of running fast. It can be said that the horse in ancient grassland is only a branch of horse evolution.

The picture shows the evolutionary process of horse

3. In the process of evolution, the food habits of giant pandas have changed

In our impression, giant pandas like to gnaw bamboo, and they are herbivores. In fact, before the evolution, giant pandas were carnivorous “big bears” with very sharp claws, which can instantly tear the beast’s body, and their teeth are also very sharp. Once angered by other creatures, they will become very dangerous and aggressive, which can also be called “beasts of prey”. The giant panda belongs to the xiphodonta palaeobiota, and its habitat once covered most of eastern and southern China. Relevant studies have shown that: due to the panda gene mutation (tas1r1 pseudogene), 4.2 million years ago, pandas lost their taste receptors, which means that meat and panda food are boring. However, it is difficult to have a definite answer as to whether it is better to start eating bamboo or not.

With the change of the ecological environment, the food habits of pandas have changed dramatically. Instead of being carnivores, they like to eat bamboo and bamboo shoots and become vegetarians. In the process of evolution, the molars of pandas have become stronger and stronger, mainly playing the role of holding bamboo. In addition, compared with other animals, pandas mature very early. Generally, they are sexually mature at the age of 4-5 years. These pandas have strong reproductive capacity. After mating, they will return to their own lives, no longer interfere with each other, and they will not raise the next generation together.

The life on the earth is rich and colorful. The process of biological evolution is closely related to the change of natural environment. The relationship between organisms is not innate, but the result of evolution. According to the development law of evolutionism, every species changes from low to high, from small to large.

Human beings do not conform to the law of evolution. The origin of human beings is not the result of animal evolution

If we say that the theory of evolution is consistent with all biological development and changes, but it does not hold true for us human beings. In other words, human beings may not have originated from animal evolution, but may have been created by higher organisms than human beings. Of course, there are also some people who think that we humans are “mice” of alien experiments on earth.


The baby’s birth ability is too low

We all know that in nature, whether it is mammals or twins, in the process of breeding life, through a short period of “care” their cubs will have normal action ability. For example, the “cubs” of birds can hunt independently on the 45th day after birth and have the ability to move. But the law of nature is too cruel. It takes about two years for human beings to walk independently when they give birth after ten months of hard labor. Compared with animals, infants do not have the ability of self-protection and action in a short time.

The picture shows a person’s life

2. Human skin can’t resist the cold

We all know that in nature, every animal has its own way to resist the cold. Some animals choose to hibernate, some animals have thick fur, and some animals accumulate thick fat in their bodies. If these are the strongest evidences in the evolution of animals, then human beings are not suitable for this kind of evolution. Because people’s skin is very thin, they have to rely on clothes to protect themselves in the process of resisting the cold, while animals do not need clothes, so this is very unreasonable in the process of biological evolution.

The picture shows a polar bear

3. The structure of human brain is complex, and the brain that is not applicable according to the theory of evolution will be eliminated

The human brain is very complex. If the brain is evolved, then the complex structure should also change. But scientists found that the structure of the human brain is basically in the “forbidden” state. According to evolution, unused brains should be eliminated. But even if we don’t use parts of the brain, it won’t shrink. On the contrary, there will be changes in knowledge and skills, as if these are set in advance and don’t need evolution at all.

The picture shows a model of the human brain

In the history of human development, there is a fault of 130000 years,

There is a blank in archaeology

Our earth has a very long history of more than 4.6 billion years, but the appearance of human beings is less than 500 years. In other words, the appearance of human beings is shorter than that of low-grade animals on earth. In the study of human development history, relevant experts found that in the period of 130000 years from 200000 to 70000 years ago, the research on human archaeology was blank, and the 130000 year high school entrance examination was held Ancient experts have found nothing, even human remains have not been found, so what happened to human beings in this 130000 year long fault?

We all know that the ancestor of human is Australopithecus. The first human species discovered by scientists is named “Lucy”. But before that, there was no trace of human beings in the blank 130000 years.

It seems that this mysterious situation is just like the disappearance of dinosaurs. Scientists have made various speculations about the disappearance of dinosaurs. For example, dinosaurs disappeared with the impact of asteroids, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and many other factors are the reasons for the disappearance of this huge population of dinosaurs from the earth.

So why didn’t humans show up during this period? Scientists believe that 200000 years ago should be the watershed of human genes, from making stone tools to hunting to self-protection, which laid the foundation for human civilization. According to the inferences of scientists, human history has been broken for 130000 years. During this period, there must have been a magic power of change. Maybe it was the alien’s visit to the earth that made human beings appear blank during this period.

The picture is a picture of Lucy

Where do humans come from? It could have been a sudden Exodus

On earth

Human appeared 130000 years fault blank, some netizens made a hypothesis: human may be from extraterrestrial, may be alien sent to experiment “mouse”.

At present, human beings have been exploring the development of the universe. It seems that our ultimate goal in the future is to travel to the interstellar space and live on the new earth. Will you feel familiar here? If we say that human beings are exploring other livable planets in the universe, it means that human beings may have originated from other planets. What we are experiencing on the earth now is also what we experienced from other planets at that time. This is the real origin of human beings. Extraterrestrial sent human beings to do various experiments on the earth, whether it is destroying the ecological environment or exploring the universe In recent years, human beings seem to be under the control of aliens, and have been constantly developing.

All this seems like science fiction movies, but there are many links that can not be confirmed. However, we can not deny that Darwin’s theory of evolution conflicts with the origin and development of human beings. It is estimated that all human beings want to explore the origin of human beings. However, the ultimate goal of human beings will be in the near future Zeus to find the most livable planet, to find the ultimate answer to the origin and development of human beings!

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