Does “future man” really exist? He claims to come from 2060, to advise mankind!

To be able to predict the future development trend is a super ability that everyone is eager to have. In many sci-fi movies, futurists have become a common theme. Nowadays, with the development of the Internet, there are many walkers on the Internet. One night in 2019, a future person KFK, who claimed to be from 2060, appeared on the Internet. He answered most of people’s questions and predicted the future of the earth. Is what he said true?

According to KFK’s account, he was born in Shanghai in 2020, and then moved to a foreign country. He came to 2019 through time travel. The reason why he appeared in front of people is to give people some kind reminders. His remarks quickly caused a stir on the Internet. Many people came to see the excitement and jokes, and some people believed deeply in crossing. They asked him a lot of questions, and he answered them one by one.

Is 2019 a critical year?

KFK claims that if you want to travel in time and space, you must enter the age when you are not born. Time and space travel is the privilege of a small number of future people. As long as you master the rules, you can travel in time and space. Now KFK is not a living body, but exists in the form of data at the other end of the screen. Therefore, no one knows where he is hiding. He was asked why he came to 2019? KFK claims that 2019 is a critical year on earth. If you look back, you can find that a lot of things happened in 2019. He came to this year to help mankind.

Why are there so many futurists in Japan?

KFK said that in addition to him, there have been two future people on the earth. They are future people from 2075 and 2062. These two futurists should be no stranger to you. They all appear on the Internet and claim that they are from Japan. They claim that they have entered the earth legally. Although most of what they say is true, some of them are white lies made up for human beings. Some people may have doubts when they see here. Why do most of the walkers come from Japan? KFC claims that this is because Japan is the closest area to the entrance of space-time travel. Therefore, when they cross the earth, they will go to Japan first.


Advice to mankind

KFK will stay on the earth until December 31, 2019 and will leave. He hopes that human beings can remember the second half of 2019, which is normal for future human beings. He claimed that the most common crime in the future is digital currency fraud. In our opinion, digital currency is still very far away, but in the future, digital currency may replace paper currency, which will greatly liberate productivity.

He also left a word of advice to mankind, that is, always be kind and awe. In addition, he has also answered many scientific and cosmic questions raised by human beings, and even many professionals can not find mistakes in these answers. Is he really a future man?

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