Does global warming mean stopping snowfall in the Sahara desert? Scientists give the answer!

January is coming to an end. Although many people are looking forward to 2021, scientists believe that the situation in 2021 is almost the same as that in 2020. The phenomenon of global warming has not been alleviated. Although many countries have seen obvious cooling, it has a lot to do with La Nina.

Snow in the desert

Today, the earth’s environment is still spreading towards the situation of rising temperature. During this period, the extreme climate will become more and more obvious. Some time ago, snowfall occurred in the Sahara desert. After seeing this phenomenon, many people think that maybe global warming has stopped. Is the earth going to enter the little ice age? In our cognition, the desert is hot and dry all the year round, and the environment is very bad. Human beings can not survive in such an environment. As the largest Sahara desert in the world, why are there snows?

According to the data of scientists, the snowfall area is still very large. This snowfall is a wake-up call for mankind. Now the extreme climate has become more and more obvious, and scientists have been observing the climate. In fact, snowfall in the desert is not the first time. In the past years, there has been snowfall in Sahara, but the snowfall area is too large That’s why it has attracted people’s attention.

Is the earth going to enter the little ice age?

Scientists think that the frequency of teaching on the earth is becoming more and more frequent, even in the hottest areas of the world, they can’t escape this end. Is it true that in the future, as predicted by scientists, the desert will become an oasis? After seeing this phenomenon, many people are more firm in their heart. Maybe global warming has really stopped. In the future, the earth may really enter the little ice age. This is not groundless. Scientists have found that the solar activity has gradually weakened. Perhaps by 2030, the solar activity will enter a dormant period. Without the sun’s light and heat, the earth will certainly have a significant cooling.

Of course, this is just a guess made by scientists according to the current situation. Whether the sun will enter the dormancy period by 2030 depends on the data of scientists. It can be admitted that the earth’s environment has entered a critical point, and extreme weather is more and more frequent. Whether the earth gets cold or hot in the future, this is not a good thing. All things in nature have been used to the current environmental situation. If drastic changes occur in the future, many creatures will withdraw from the stage of history, and crops will die because of the sharp cooling. Perhaps at that time, mankind will usher in a food crisis.

Scientists believe that the current environmental situation is still dominated by global warming. Whether the earth will enter the little ice age depends on the strength of solar activity. Next, let’s wait for the research results of scientists. What do you think?

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