Does “haiaohua” really exist? He claimed to have been taken away by aliens and started a journey across time and space?

There are many mysteries in the world that can’t be solved by science, such as UFO, alien, Atlantis, Maya civilization, etc. if you want to know the answer to these questions, you can’t go back to the past by using time machine.

This may sound like a fantasy, but there is a man who has come back with the answers to these questions after a strange 10 day trip to the outer world.

This man was Michelle desmarcht, a Frenchman who joined the French army after graduating from high school and started gardening after leaving the army.

In 1972, he moved to Australia, and by chance, he made contact with an alien. Since then, a person with no culture and no knowledge of science has solved the most difficult mystery in human history.

He wrote a book about the answers he got from the aliens, which is called the oracle of the sea. The book reveals the purpose of the universe, the meaning of life, Star Trek, telepathy, life cycle and other answers. The contents and answers in the book are very detailed, which is a depth that even the top science fiction writers dare not reach, and makes the world shocked.

Now let’s start this magical journey across time and space!

The author wrote in the preface of the book:

“I wrote this book according to my orders. I swear it’s a real event that happened around me. The extraordinary stories I wrote in the book may be like a science fiction, a completely fabricated story to some people, but I’m not a novelist, and I don’t have the imagination to make these stories. However, some people can see my new friends from this book The information of human beings on earth. “

One night in 1987, Michelle suddenly woke up from the hot weather in Australia. His wife was still sleeping nearby. He suddenly walked to his desk uncontrollably and wrote a message like “honey, I’m going to leave for ten days. Don’t worry about me”.

At this time, there was a bright light outside the house. Michelle went out. Suddenly, everything was covered in a kind of blue light. He felt something was wrong and wanted to return to the house. But at this time, he found that he was slowly rising into the air. He thought he must be dreaming.

“No, you’re not dreaming.” This is a very tall woman, wearing a transparent helmet, said to him with a smile. But her lips didn’t move at all, as if by thought. The whole body of this person exudes the breath of peace and tranquility.

“Hello, my name is Tao.”

Thao said that it was not a dream. For some special reasons, Michelle was chosen for a special trip. They are currently in another time and space, and they use the “time lock” ability, which can make Michelle’s time in the real world stand still. This ability can last 20 to 50 Earth years, so when Michelle returns, everything such as age will not change.

A huge blue light spherical object appeared behind this person named Tao, about 10 meters away from the earth, without doors and windows. Then they entered the spherical object together. When they floated towards the object, part of the sphere shrank in, forming an oval entrance about three meters high.

After entering, Tao let Michelle lie in a box, and then gave him two pills. One was to remove the bacteria in his body to adapt to the environment here, and the other was to let his soul leave his body temporarily. In this way, Michelle’s spirit body can walk around the spaceship at will without causing pollution here.

Michelle came to the control room, where there were 12 people like Thao, this is a woman, he saw a very lifelike color screen, the original spacecraft has left the earth, is accelerating.

When arriving at a planet, the spaceship stopped. Tao said to him that this is Aleman X3, a planet twice as big as the earth, which used to be very similar to the earth.

Then three small spheres successively descended from the bottom of the spaceship, and the pictures of each sphere immediately appeared on the screen. The pictures were full angle. Michelle saw that these pictures were ruins, and there was no one.

At this time, another small ball flew to a lake, where the scenery is similar to the earth, but somewhat different. A group of people appeared by the lake. They were obviously taller than the earth people, with men and women, brown skin and naked.

Thao explained to Michelle that people here and people on earth are the same ancestors, and there has been a high degree of civilization here. But 150 years ago, because of a nuclear war, it became what it is now, and they will come to observe it regularly.

Michelle asked, why not help those who suffer because of the nuclear war.

Thao told him that this is because of the universal law, which is merciless and strict, just like planets revolving around stars. Once they intervene, order will be chaotic, and any help they give will weaken these people’s desire for survival.

Although they will occasionally intervene, such as planting some plants or saving some animals, so that people here have food. But they are more involved through dreams and telepathy, giving these people the power to survive, but in general, they are just observing.

When all the small balls returned to the big ball, the spaceship continued to move. At this time, an indigo planet appeared on the screen. Tao told Michelle that this is their home, called haiaohua.

Thao explained to Michelle the purpose of taking him on this extraordinary trip. They wanted Michelle to record all the things she saw and heard along the way, and tell them to the world when she returned to earth.

So Michelle began to ask as many questions as she could.

Although no one has been able to confirm the authenticity of the prediction of haiaohua, this book is really shocking. The content of the book is beyond human imagination, and it also makes a nearly complete explanation of the unsolved mysteries of human since ancient times. Even if it is made up, it is too powerful.

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