Does heaven really exist? He studied 150 cases of “near death experience” to reveal the truth

Does heaven really exist?

Who am I? Where do I come from? Where are you going again? Why am I alive? Where will I go after my death? Heaven or hell? Have you ever thought about this series of ultimate questions?

Xiao Bian thinks that for these questions, no one can give you answers. After all, we living people can’t understand them, and for those who have passed away, it’s even more impossible to tell us. So some people think that maybe there is only one way to know the answer, that is to let a person who has experienced death, wandered on the edge of death and “resurrected” to solve the mystery for us.

And this is often called “near death experience”, that is, near death experience. At this point, I have to mention another person – Raymond moody.

He was the first person to systematically study the phenomenon of near death. He was not only praised as the father of near death experience by the New York Times, but also awarded the “World Humanitarian Award” by Denmark in 1988. He does not have any religious beliefs and does not believe that what he studies is clear scientific evidence. But he believes that the world after death is real.

To this end, he has studied 150 cases of near death experience, and in these cases, he found a secret. Although these people’s personality, religious belief, social status and educational background span are very large, or even unrelated. But their experiences after death are surprisingly similar.

In order to facilitate your understanding, Xiao Bian put these into the following seven features.

1、 Hearing the news of death

The dying person will feel the limit of physical exhaustion and hear the doctor or other people present declare their death.

2、 Looking back on life

Past life experiences will flash like slides, and these pictures are often the happiest moments in life.

3、 In vitro phenomenon

You will find yourself floating in the air, looking at your immobile body from the perspective of the third person, and can often describe the busy scene of the doctor.

4、 Language limitation

They can’t tell others about their plight, no one can hear themselves.

5、 Enter the space

Many visitors will describe themselves entering a white space, enjoying unprecedented peace and pleasure, and may encounter the so-called gods.

6、 Family communication

There is a certain probability that you will meet your deceased relatives. They will tell you that the time is not up and let you go back.

7、 Return to reality

According to clinical research, most people who have experienced near death experience have changed their values and outlook on life. They become kind and confident, and begin to try to share love and warmth with others. They are no longer afraid of death, and their personalities become more optimistic, as if they have insight into the new meaning of life.

The seven characteristics summarized above are what they have experienced together. Of course, you may think that these seemingly fantastic experiences are just for some people to pay close attention to. After all, most of these materials come from the oral memories of those who have experienced them. Since it is oral, which involves vague memory, false fabrication and so on, there is a lot of uncontrollability, which leads to the fact that scientific exploration is not particularly scientific.

However, we have to learn to see the essence through the phenomenon. Why do we think these are false? Xiaobian believes that the main reason is that these people have no credibility.

Credibility is the power of public trust. This person must be responsible for his own behavior and accept questions. It is the responsibility and responsibility of public authority. Do the people Xiao Bian just mentioned have credibility? Obviously not. Is there a credible person who can explain all this?

Yes, he is Eben Alexander, a famous American neurosurgeon. He has published hundreds of professional papers and speeches in academic journals and global academic conferences. He had never believed in the idea of near death experience, but in 2008, he suffered from a rare acute bacterial meningitis, which caused serious brain damage and became a vegetative person. The doctor decided that there was no possibility of recovery.

However, just when the hospital decided to give up the treatment, a miracle appeared, and he came back to life completely. His recovery was a miracle in medicine. After he was discharged from hospital, he immediately began to write a book, and said that he had a mission to tell the truth, and the title of the book was evidence of heaven.

Xiaobian believes that such an authority has personal experience and feelings for the world after death, which is undoubtedly an affirmation of the existence of heaven. Do you still think heaven doesn’t exist? Welcome to comment area.

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