Does it really disappear completely after death? Scientists speculate that the soul may go to another space

Life is the most mysterious thing since the birth of the universe. When life evolves to a certain stage, it may grow into intelligent life. And mankind is such a great and mysterious wisdom life. When wisdom life develops into wisdom civilization, we have the primary ability to understand the truth behind the world.

The greatest part of wisdom civilization is that it can use wisdom to step on the road of scientific development, and all the mysteries of the universe are inseparable from the scope of science. Through the power of science, we can crack everything in the universe, and the mystery of life naturally has hope to crack step by step.

There are many mysteries of life, among which life and death is the biggest mystery. We all know that no matter simple life or intelligent life like human beings, they can’t live forever. Different lives have different lifespan. From the day we were born, we will face death in the near future.

In the eyes of many people, death is like a lamp out. When we die, everything will be over for you. In the end, only a small “box” may be left to the world, which sounds a little sad. After people die, do we really disappear completely?

For this problem, people in ancient times were divided into two groups. One group believed that there was a soul after death, and the soul could reincarnate and reappear the world with a new life. The other thinks that after death, people are a pile of loess, and nothing will be left. Which one is right?

Without scientific guidance, the ancients generally believed that human beings had souls, and believed in reincarnation. As a result, some legends of ghosts and gods were born, and a place where human beings went after death was named netherworld. With the continuous development of human civilization, hundreds of years ago, we embarked on the road of scientific development.

Under the guidance of science, we all think that the legends of ghosts and gods in ancient times are superstition and do not conform to the laws of science. However, with the continuous progress of science and technology, for some ghost legends, scientists no longer beat to death, that those are all superstitious. In particular, the view of soul is more and more accepted by scientists.

Hawking once said: in this world, information will not be lost, just from one form of information into another. In fact, human consciousness represents some kind of information, which will not disappear completely from the world, but may just be transformed into another form of existence.

I believe we all know the word consciousness. At the beginning, people also regarded consciousness as a kind of false thing and thought that it did not exist. However, the rapid development of science and technology has brought us into the quantum world. Through a lot of research and exploration of quantum mechanics, scientists believe that consciousness exists.

Consciousness is not only the existence of human beings, but also the secret of the real core of human beings. It is precisely because of the extraordinary consciousness of wisdom that we can be called intelligent life. Otherwise, it is no different from other mammals. Consciousness is an invisible thing. According to scientists, consciousness exists in the state of photon information.

This kind of photon information may be separated from the body and survive independently after death, and consciousness is actually the same thing as the soul in ancient times. In the eyes of the ancients, the soul can be immortal and reincarnated. Does the consciousness of modern scientific research have such ability?

Some scientists believe that the body will die out completely after death, but consciousness may enter into a higher dimensional world, such as the four-dimensional world, the five dimensional world, after leaving the human body. And these consciousnesses, which we often call soul, may wait for the chance to reincarnate again, but this reincarnation will erase the memory of the previous life.

This reminds us of Mengpo soup in the legend of ghosts and gods. If the soul wants to reincarnate, it must drink Mengpo soup to eliminate the memory of the previous life. Of course, everything is not absolute. Sometimes some souls can’t completely eliminate the memory of the previous life when they are reincarnated. Some memories will be preserved, so it appears in reality. Some children wake up some memories of the previous life soon after they are born and know something about their previous life.

Scientists have investigated and studied some so-called past life memory awaking people all over the world, and found that it really does not look fake. Many of these awaking past life memories are very young children. For a child, he is unlikely to forge these, and also forged very perfect. So scientists believe that some of these examples of awakening past life memories can be believed.

The occurrence of this kind of magical thing makes scientists firm in exploring the mystery of human soul. It seems that the human soul is far from as simple as we think. After a long time of experiments, a scientific team found that many particles in nuclear fission go to three-dimensional space, but most of them disappear. So where do the disappeared particles go?

Scientists say that the particles may have gone to another space, but we still don’t know where they went. And consciousness or soul, though they can’t see or touch, is essentially made up of particles. Everything in the universe is made up of particles, and so is the human body, including consciousness.

Through experiments, scientists have found that particles will disappear in our three-dimensional world. They can’t disappear completely. They must go to a place we don’t know. Therefore, scientists believe that there are other more mysterious spaces above the three-dimensional world, which once again makes scientists believe that multi-dimensional space exists.

It is possible that in the four or five dimensional space, there is a special world for the existence of consciousness or soul. In this world, there are all kinds of souls of life. We can also regard the soul as a kind of energy body composed of special particles. In the three-dimensional world, these soul energy bodies can only survive if they are attached to the human body.

Once a person dies, the soul will be separated from the body. At this time, the law of three-dimensional space will not allow them to stay in the world, and will automatically open the channel to the higher dimension, and then be forcibly transmitted to the past. The world that this soul goes to may be a four-dimensional space or a five dimensional space.

Einstein also supports the theory of multi-dimensional space. He once expressed his own view that the space of the universe is intertwined. The earth has gravity and everything can walk freely on the earth. Under the action of gravity, it is easy to produce multi-dimensional space. Human beings live in three-dimensional space. We only have three-dimensional perspective, and naturally can’t see other dimensional space.

Thus, it can be seen that human death can not be reborn may become a false proposition in the future. If scientists confirm in the future that the human soul will indeed go to a higher dimensional space. Then, people may not be so afraid of death, because we know that human death is just the end of the three-dimensional world journey, and our souls will go to a higher dimensional space without real death.

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