Does mankind have a chance to live forever? Google’s chief expert predicts that human beings can integrate with it!

Does mankind have a chance to live forever? Google’s chief expert predicts that human beings can integrate with it!

Everything in nature has rules to follow. Take the life span of human beings for example, everyone’s life span is limited. When they reach a certain age, the metabolic function of the body will change. Since ancient times, human beings have always had an indescribable obsession with immortality. This obsession has led many emperors to go to great lengths to find various Taoists to refine the elixir of immortality. In fact, it has already gone against the law of nature. Even if someone really achieves immortality, then his life is meaningless. Up to now, scientists are still looking for ways to prolong life.

Google chief’s prediction of the future of mankind

Some time ago, Google chief ray Kurzweil boldly predicted that by 2029, the progress of medical technology will increase the average life expectancy of human beings by one year, and human beings will be able to embark on the road of immortality. In 2045, mankind will truly live forever. At that time, many people felt puzzled. Who can guess what will happen in the future?

However, many people believe it. After all, today’s science and technology is developing very fast, and all walks of life have made great strides. In the past 30 years, Kurzweil’s prediction of the future is very accurate. In the 1990s, he predicted that the emergence of the computer would defeat the champion of chess. In fact, in 1997, the chess master was completely defeated by the dark blue computer. He also predicted that in 2010, foreign languages will be translated into native languages in real time and appear on glasses in the form of letters. It has to be said that many of his predictions are extremely accurate, which makes people doubt whether he has the ability to predict the future.

What is the basis for his proposal of experimental immortality?

So what is the basis for his proposal that human beings will live forever in the future? In his view, in the future, humans can integrate with robots, enter the human blood circulation, transmit data to the brain, and humans will evolve into advanced robots, completely away from disease and death. As for his conjecture on immortality, there are different opinions, one of which cannot be changed. Death is the final result of everyone. Many people ask themselves, why do human beings go to death?

The vast majority of creatures in the world will experience birth, aging, illness and death, and there will be subtle changes in their bodies every day, but we rarely notice them. As we grow older, some cells disappear when they die, and some cells can regenerate. The reason why the normal function of human beings is not affected is that the body has the ability to repair itself. When a person reaches the age of 50 or 60, his body will become particularly stiff, his brain will become more and more dull, his white hair will grow slowly, and his body’s repair system will also decline, speeding up the process of aging.

Everyone should face death correctly, accept it calmly, not pursue meaningless immortality. When a person dies, he will look back on his life and leave some regrets. Life is precious. Facing death frankly and understanding the true meaning of life is the most meaningful. What do you think of immortality? You can leave a message for interaction.

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