Does parallel space-time exist? Japan airport appears “mysterious” man, claiming to come from Taole country!

In the process of historical development, there are always some phenomena that cannot be explained by science. In 1952, a very strange thing happened at Narita Airport in Tokyo. This is a very ordinary day, all the passengers are busy registering for business, at this time, an unexpected guest appeared in the airport. He didn’t mean to make trouble. Like other passengers, he went through the formalities at the counter and prepared to go back to his own country. But unexpectedly, he was detained by the police. What did he do?

Passengers from Taole Germany

It turns out that the visa taken out by this passenger is not a visa in the ordinary sense. The country marked on his visa is called Taole Germany. Taole Germany is a non-existent country on earth, so the staff arrested the man for disturbing the order of the airport. Police officers checked the man’s luggage and found that his relevant procedures were all from this country, and even the currency he used was not the currency we see in daily life. The man took out a map, pointed out the location of Taole Germany, and introduced the history of his country to police officers.

Mysterious passengers disappear

Despite his detailed account, many staff members still think that he is just lying. Soon the news reached the top leaders, who thought the man might not be lying, so they wanted to continue the investigation. Unexpectedly, during this period, the magical man suddenly disappeared in the room. As a last resort, the staff can only continue to check the items left by the man. The scientists have made relevant tests on these items and believe that the quality of these items is beyond the ability of many countries.

Is this man a jumper?

This matter quickly spread on the Internet, netizens have guessed who the man is. Some people think that it may be tourists from parallel time and space. The universe is a multi-dimensional space. Where we can’t detect it, there may be a time-space shuttle tunnel. This man may have accidentally broken into the time-space tunnel, so he came to the earth. Of course, this is just a guess. In order to find out the identity of this man, scientists began to start from Zhaqi, Taole, Germany.

Unknown metal

Although the man pointed out the location of Taole Germany on the map, it was deserted and uninhabited in our world. When scientists examined the objects left by the man, they found that unknown metal isotopes appeared in some objects. In 1979, American scientists obtained this element, and he kept it in Fermi lab forever, so it is impossible to appear in the world now.

So when scientists saw this element, they were very surprised. Did this man really come from another world? This man has disappeared in our world forever, so this incident has become an unsolved mystery. Do you think this man will be a passer-by?

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