Does parallel universe exist? A senior high school student in Tianjin “disappeared” and went to another time and space?

Many people think that parallel universes exist. In another time and space, there may be another person living another life. In recent days, a mysterious event happened on the Internet. The protagonist of the story is Pan Bowen. He is a high school student in Tianjin middle school, but he mysteriously disappeared in PE class before the college entrance examination. This event was hot searched on the Internet, which caused a parallel universe dispute. Where did ban go?

The disappearing pan Bowen

The author of the story was a student of Tianjin middle school. He claimed that he is now working in an Internet company in Shanghai. As August 18 is the birthday of Pan Bowen, he sent a post to commemorate his remembered classmate. Pan Bo Wen is the author’s classmate and also a little girl. It happened in the last PE class before the college entrance examination. At that time, the author, pan Bowen and another boy were playing badminton, but they accidentally played badminton in the abandoned basement. Because this badminton is more expensive, so the author proposes to look for badminton. In this way, the author, pan Bowen and another boy came to the abandoned basement alone. Unexpectedly, it was the author’s suggestion that made things out of control. What was waiting for them?

This basement has been abandoned for many years. Due to the complex terrain and no lighting, the three of them felt very scared when they came to the basement. The three of them decided to go into the basement together and not to be left alone. With this fear, they entered the labyrinth like basement. When they came to the door, they found that the door of the basement was not locked. After they opened the door, what they met was the gloomy smell and moldy smell, and the damaged tables and chairs were piled up in the basement in disorder. They went on. The whole process took more than ten minutes. In the middle of the walk, pan suddenly said that his key had fallen on the stairs and he wanted to go back to pick it up.

So the author and another boy were looking for badminton. When they passed a door, the door suddenly opened itself, and there was a very open space in front of them. At this time, the author could not help but feel flustered and quickly dragged another classmate back. When the two of them ran out of the basement, they found that there was no Mr. Pan on the stairs. At that time, they thought that maybe ban had returned to the classroom, but when the author and another classmate returned to the class, they found that the world had become different. At that time, in order to find badminton, the author gave his racket and Pan’s to a classmate. When the author went back to get the racket, he found that there was no pan. The classmate also said that he didn’t know pan at all.

When the author saw the boy who ran back with him, they talked about Pan Bo Wen. They found that Pan Bo Wen didn’t go back to the classroom at all, and all the students around said that he didn’t have this man. When they heard their strange name, they were also surprised. Why did these two people suddenly talk nonsense after such a class? Is it true that the pressure of college entrance examination is too big and heatstroke? It seems that Pan Bowen and another boy had not been found in the basement when they ran back to the world.

Does parallel universe really exist?

Many people feel creepy after hearing this story. Why did ban disappear? Did he really enter the parallel universe? In the eyes of the scientific community, parallel universes exist, and the world is not unique, but has multiple worlds. Maybe at a certain moment, space and time are distorted, and the two worlds meet in this way.

Some people have questioned the story. If we study it carefully, we will find that there are many loopholes in the story. When there was constant controversy, the author himself came out to respond. He claimed that the story was made up and that Pan Bo Wen was also his own fantasy character. Because he was left out in the cold when he was at school, he was often immersed in the fantasy world, and this story was made up in this way. The truth has come to light here. The parallel universe may be too far away from us, but many netizens still agree that they have experienced unusual things in real life. Do you have such experience?

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