Does parallel universe exist? Hebei netizens photographed “Nantianmen”? Can we go to another world?

In the eyes of the scientific community, parallel universes exist. As long as humans can find wormholes, they will be able to travel through time and space. This kind of sci-fi bridge will also be staged in reality. Many conspiracy theorists believe that there may be a time-space tunnel in a corner of the earth, and the well-known mirage phenomenon may be a breakthrough in the study of parallel universes. Is there any basis for this?

Aegean mirage

In 1954, there was a mirage over the Aegean Sea in Europe, which attracted more than 2000 people to watch. At that time, the weather was very clear, but there were huge figures in the sky, these figures holding sharp weapons, riding horses, what a magnificent picture. According to the eyewitnesses at that time, it seemed that there was the sound of war horses in the sky at that time. Many people had not seen such a phenomenon and were shocked by such a scene. Naturally, scientists also noticed this phenomenon. Although many people thought it was a mirage, the human figures in the sky in Europe were Vikings more than 2000 years ago, which can not be explained by mirage .

As we all know, the mirage is formed by the refraction of light, which means that the prototype will be found on the earth. However, there are pictures of thousands of years ago over the Aegean Sea. In addition, there was no drama crew shooting the scenes of the Viking tribe at that time, so this event has become an unsolved mystery. With the development of science and technology, more and more people think that maybe the mirage will come true It’s the entrance to the parallel universe.

“Nantianmen” appeared?

In addition to foreign countries, there have been mysterious mirages in China. Some time ago, a netizen in Hebei took such a picture, which triggered a parallel universe controversy. At that time, the netizen was standing on his balcony and looking into the distance. It was just in the afternoon, and the sun was still very strong. The distant scenery made him relaxed and happy. However, a huge building suddenly appeared in the sky, which was very retro and didn’t look like the surrounding prototype. So he quickly shot this picture. When he spread the picture to his social media account, netizens were amazed. Is this the legendary “Nantianmen”?

No one has really seen Nantianmen, which only appears in fairy tales. But in other parts of our country, there is no such magnificent building, so netizens have speculated that perhaps the huge building in the sky is the entrance to another time and space.

The universe is not a single plane space. There may be more space where we can’t see it. When the space is distorted, there may be a scene of time and space crisscross. Maybe the South Gate photographed by the Vikings and netizens over the Aegean Sea is an exhibition of another world. Maybe the parallel universe is not far away from us. What do you think?

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