Does parallel universe really exist? After listening to the explanation of the scientists, I suddenly realized

Through the rapid development of science and technology, human beings have realized their dream of going out of the earth. When they go out of the earth and see the vast universe, they know that the earth is so small. In front of the universe, the galaxy is a tiny existence, the solar system is a tiny existence, and the earth is a tiny existence. Is the universe also a tiny existence?

At one time, we thought that the universe was the only one, but later some scientists put forward the pluralism of the universe. They thought that the parallel universe was real, and our universe was just one of innumerable parallel universes. So does parallel universe really exist? Great physicists and cosmologists also believed that parallel universes existed, and published relevant papers on it.

Ten days before his death, Hawking submitted a new version of his paper. This paper is to introduce some of his latest knowledge and views on parallel universe. In the paper, Hawking proposed some methods to explore and find evidence of the existence of parallel universe, hoping that human beings can prove the existence of parallel universe and enter into parallel universe in the future.

In fact, the parallel universe has been put forward by scientists for a long time, but at that time, it was just some conjectures. Because there was no more advanced detection equipment at that time, we could not find some evidence of the existence of parallel universe. However, with the continuous progress of science and technology, human beings have more and more knowledge of the universe. With more advanced detection equipment, scientists have finally found some clues about the existence of parallel universe.

In August 2007, when scientists studied the cosmic microwave background radiation signal, they found a huge cold spot, which is completely “empty”. There is no normal matter or dark matter, and there is no radiation signal. Why is there such a strange space-time in the universe. In order to find this answer, scientists believe that this is the evidence of another universe. The cold spot phenomenon may lead cosmologists to come to a conclusion that there is a parallel universe besides the universe in which people live. Through the radiation data observed by the Planck telescope, scientists found that our universe may be one of one billion universes. For the first time, there is evidence that parallel universes exist.

Scientists found that the cold spot is about 0.00015 degrees centigrade colder than the surrounding environment through a number of measurements of cosmic background radiation. Scientists believe that the cold spot is caused by the collision between our universe and another transparent universe. Different universes may have different temperatures, which can also explain why the cold spot is lower than the ambient temperature.

Later, as the scientific community more and more recognized the existence of parallel universes, and some evidence of the existence of parallel universes was indeed found in the universe, more and more scientists joined in the research of exploring parallel universes. Hawking also predicted that human beings would find parallel universes within 10 years, and his prediction has now been confirmed, and the parallel universes are indeed It exists.

If the parallel universe is real, what kind of space will it be in? It is estimated that many people are very curious. If the parallel universe is finally proved to be true and our universe is only one of innumerable universes, what kind of existence will this space where so many universes live together be? In fact, we can regard the universe as a planet like the earth, and the space outside the universe as a larger universe, which we call chaotic universe.

In the chaotic universe, there are countless cosmic planets, each of which is an independent universe with its own rules. In short, we can think of our universe as a chaotic universe. Every planet in the universe is equivalent to a universe. Isn’t that easy to understand. The parallel universe can be seen as an enlarged version of the planet, which contains countless galaxies and stars, celestial bodies and so on.

Every universe has a lot of intelligent life and civilization, and every civilization wants to solve the ultimate mystery of the universe. Just like human beings, we also want to understand what the ultimate mystery of the universe is. However, when we really uncover the ultimate mystery, we find that the long march is only the first step. It turns out that there is still more space outside our universe The ultimate mystery of the chaotic universe is waiting for us to uncover.

Many people have a misunderstanding about parallel universes. They think that there is a different self in each parallel universe. You are an office worker in this universe, and you may be a rich second generation in another parallel universe. This kind of understanding is actually wrong, you are you, is an independent existence, other parallel universes will not have another you, and it is difficult to have the same intelligent life as human beings.

Each universe is an independent existence, and the wisdom, life and civilization of each universe are also independent existence. There will be no past and future on the time line between different universes. Of course, if you immigrate from one universe to another, that’s another thing. When a civilization is strong enough to a certain extent, it has a way to enter into other parallel universes. Naturally, it can also immigrate to other universes. Maybe there are other parallel universes immigrating from countless alien civilizations in our universe.

So how to go to other parallel universes? We know that the universe is boundless for us. Our observable universe now has tens of billions of light-years, but this may not be the ultimate distance of the universe. Ordinary superluminal flight of such a large universe can not be completed, let alone out of the universe.

Therefore, there is bound to be a shortcut to other parallel universes. Hawking predicted that it is a black hole. Hawking once predicted that the black hole is the entrance to the parallel universe. As long as our spaceship can resist the gravity of the black hole, it can reach the other side of the black hole, which is another universe.

Black hole is the most attractive and mysterious celestial body known by human beings. Its super phagocytic power makes stars fear, let alone approach and enter. Therefore, if you want to enter a black hole, you must have techniques and methods to counteract its gravity. Scientists have observed that a huge unidentified object can directly enter the black hole regardless of the gravity of the black hole. This huge unidentified object is likely to be a spaceship of advanced civilization. This shows that the powerful civilization in our universe may have the ability to explore other universes.

Science is desirable, and the power of science is also infinite, although we know little about the universe, and even less about parallel universes. However, with the continuous progress of human space technology, we will find more evidence to prove the existence of parallel universe in the future. Develop a technology that can counteract the gravity of the black hole, and then send a spacecraft into the black hole. At that time, it will be clear whether the black hole is a door or a space channel connecting the parallel universe.

Guys, what do you think of the parallel universe? Welcome to leave a message below to discuss and express your unique opinions.

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