Does parallel universe really exist? Dreams may be one of the important ways to perceive another time and space

After entering the road of scientific and technological development, human beings begin to unlock all kinds of cosmic mysteries. No matter what kind of natural phenomena, cosmic phenomena and surrounding things can be explained by science. If we can’t explain some phenomena, it means that human science and technology has not developed to that extent.

In all things, dream is a very mysterious thing, I believe many people have had the experience of dreaming, we do not know whether animals will dream, but for human beings, dreaming is a very common thing. Many people’s understanding of dreams is that it is illusory, that we have thoughts every day and dreams at night, and that it is an activity of our cerebral cortex.

But is it really that simple? Dream is also a thing that scientists study. Through a lot of research and exploration, scientists have found that dream is definitely not simple. It may be far more complex and mysterious than we think. However, a conclusion of science is that dream may be real, and everything experienced in dream may also be real, except that it does not happen in our real world It’s a parallel world.

I believe many people have heard of the theory of parallel universe. After scientists put forward the theory of parallel universe, they have been unable to understand what a parallel universe is and whether it exists or not. Parallel universes are related and influenced by each other. It is more similar to a concept of multiple dimensions. Each of us may have another self in different parallel universes. For example, in this universe, you are an ordinary worker. In another parallel universe, you may be the boss of a group. In different universes, your destiny is different.

Usually, most people think that “the day has thoughts, the night has dreams”. In the view of scientists, dreams are not only the subconscious of human brain, but also an important way for human beings to perceive parallel universe. We dream that it may be ourselves in the parallel universe calling for ourselves in the original universe.

I believe many people can feel that dreams and reality are often the opposite, and the events in dreams are rarely performed in the real world. This may be because the events in dreams generally occur in the parallel world, and what we experience in dreams is also what we experience in the parallel world.

Scientists analyze and study dreams from the perspective of quantum mechanics. The same amount of particles can appear in two different places at the same time. In other words, the particles that make up the universe where human beings live may exist in the space outside the universe at the same time, forming another universe.

Quantum theory mentions that the same quantum can appear in different positions and have different states at the same time. Therefore, generally, the event trajectories of the parallel universe are different from those of the original universe. It can be inferred that the events in the dream may actually occur in the parallel universe, and the event track in the dream is also another event track experienced by oneself in the parallel universe.

In fact, we can also analyze dreams from the perspective of consciousness. The most important reason why human beings are intelligent life and can form advanced scientific and technological civilization is that human beings have a developed and intelligent brain. The reason why this brain is so intelligent is the existence of special consciousness. Human consciousness is the biggest secret of human body.

Scientists don’t know what human consciousness is. Consciousness is probably the most mysterious existence in the universe. We don’t know whether extraterrestrial life will have consciousness. However, human beings have unique consciousness. Consciousness in modern science is what people often call soul. Soul may be a special life without quality, which coexists with human beings but is independent of the material world.

Scientists once put forward the concept of cosmic latitude. They believe that our universe is a multi-dimensional universe, and matter and energy generally exist in all dimensions of the universe. Under normal circumstances, different dimensions, that is, different parallel universes, cannot enter each other. But if it is a life without mass, independent of the material world, it may easily pass through the dimensional wall to reach another parallel universe.

And human consciousness is such a special life body, which is independent of the material world, and can easily shuttle between various dimensions. Dream may be that human consciousness enters another parallel universe, experiences some things and then returns to our universe, so that you have a memory of what you experienced in your dream.

I believe that when many people dream, they can’t distinguish between the dream and the reality. We will regard the dream as the real world. Only when you wake up, you will find that it is actually a dream, but everything in the dream is too real. There may be a few people who have had the experience of lucid dream, that is, you can clearly know that you are dreaming in the dream, and you are like a bystander, you can clearly and truly see that everything you experienced in the dream is so real.

Although scientists believe that dreams or human perception of parallel universe is an important way, but all this is still a guess, modern science can not find direct evidence of the real existence of parallel universe, nor can it really enter the parallel universe. Although it is suspected that dreams may be real events in parallel universes, there is no definite answer whether they are real or not.

However, with the continuous progress of science and technology, people’s understanding of the parallel universe will continue to improve. Once we find direct evidence of the real existence of the parallel universe, then dreams may become a key thing for scientists to study. It is possible that in the future, people can find a certain way to let consciousness freely enter the parallel universe, and we can also soberly enter another world It’s going to be a very interesting experience.

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