Does parallel universe really exist? German little boy’s vision of the future after he lost his left eye?

With the development of science, people’s understanding of the universe has been more and more in-depth. In our opinion, the universe is an infinitely extended space, but scientists think that the universe is not a single one. Perhaps the entrance of parallel universe appears in a certain corner. Although the scientific community has not proved the existence of parallel universe, many people have taken parallel universe as the default fact.

Although more and more scientists believe that parallel universes exist. As long as human beings can find the entrance, they can go to another space. To be honest, we can’t do it with our scientific and technological level. There are also some so-called forecasters and traversers in history and Internet. They all admit the existence of parallel universe without exception. These forecasters also have a large number of fans. In fact, from a scientific point of view, the so-called predictions are not very convincing, but their parallel universe can not be refuted.

Blind little boy

In some parts of the world, there are always phenomena that cannot be explained by science. According to German media reports, in a remote town, there is a little boy named Christianson, whose left eye is congenital myopia, which also makes his childhood encounter a lot of ridicule. When he was 9 years old, his parents went to the hospital. They heard that laser can cure congenital myopia, so the little boy went to a hospital for treatment under the guidance of his family. I don’t know what kind of accident happened during the treatment. The operation failed, and the boy’s left eye was also blind from myopia.

What did the little boy see?

Originally thought that this was just an ordinary operation, and the little boy’s left eye could no longer be seen. But suddenly one day, the little boy told the doctor that his left eye could see the world. At that time, the doctor thought that she was hallucinating and asked him what he saw. What the little boy said shocked the doctor. He claimed that when he closed his right eye, his left eye could see the world in the ward A little brother. The little brother’s right eye was sticking gauze, and he was picking his nose excrement, which made him feel very sick. At that time, the doctor thought that the little boy had psychological problems because of the failure of the operation? So he was transferred to the psychological ward. One day after Xiaonanhai went to the psychiatric ward, an older boy came to the original ward. To the doctor’s surprise, the boy also had an operation on his right eye and liked to pick his nose.

Does parallel universe really exist?

After seeing such a picture, the doctor thought of what the little boy said. Did the little boy really have a special function after a failed operation? Soon, the news spread to the media. Many media rushed to report the boy’s special function, and it became the talk of people after dinner. After seeing this phenomenon, scientists also carried out research. When they studied the little boy, they found that the world he saw in his left eye was actually a parallel universe.

That is to say, the little boy has acquired the ability to predict the future in a certain way. Since this ability was acquired after a failed operation, scientists have no way to explain it. Of course, it’s not that the little boy can see the parallel world every time he closes his right eye, which has something to do with his mood and environment. The little boy has no way to use this ability at will. His experience also excited scientists that the parallel universe is real. Although we have no way to find the entrance now, in the future, the parallel universe may not be unfamiliar to us any more. If human beings can find the entrance, they can enter another space and realize interstellar roaming.

Of course, this idea is very beautiful, but it is also accompanied by certain risks. If human beings have the ability to go to the parallel universe in the future, the social order will also be in chaos. If some intentional people use it to foresee what will happen in the future, they can destroy it wantonly after returning to the modern society. Therefore, the development of science is also a double-edged sword Although human beings have become more intelligent, they have also planted a time bomb for themselves. What do you think?

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