Does parallel universe really exist? Hawking predicted that human beings may find parallel universe in 10 years!

In our opinion, the universe is boundless, and human beings are all in the same space. But in fact, scientists believe that the universe is pluralistic. If human beings can find wormholes, they can travel through time and space. Once time is distorted, they can also enter another time and space. For a long time, we all think that the parallel world is a bridge in science fiction movies. But Hawking once predicted that the parallel universe would be discovered within 10 years. Is this true?

This is Hawking’s prediction in an interview. He claimed that with the development of scientific and technological civilization, human beings will find a parallel universe within 10 years, which caused a great uproar. With the current level of science and technology, I believe we all have a bottom in our hearts. Is Hawking looking too high on human beings, or does he really have such self-confidence?

Membrane universe theory

Scientists believe that Hawking’s remarks are not groundless. The reason why he came to such a conclusion is actually through the theory of membrane universe. He once thought that the membrane universe theory is a shocking parallel universe theory, which proves the existence of two-dimensional universe to us, and the two-dimensional universe is very close to us. Perhaps this space has already been in contact with the world that human beings live in, and even there is a channel between the two.

According to the theory of membrane universe, the universe is a five dimensional space. We all know that there is a strong gravity in the universe, but there are many other forces besides gravity. Human beings live in three-dimensional space. In fact, the space we live in is a three-dimensional membrane. In this three-dimensional membrane, all planetary movements and human activities are carried out on this membrane. There are many three-dimensional membranes in the universe, which can fill the whole space, so Hawking thinks that there are many worlds around us.

Hawking’s prediction

Until now, the theory of membrane universe has not got an accurate answer, which is just a guess. Now Hawking has been away from us for more than a year, and there are still many predictions about him. Many people still believe in Hawking unconditionally. He once predicted the future of the earth. By 2600, the earth’s environment will be overturned, and then the earth will be destroyed Become a fireball, human beings can only leave the earth to other galaxies to survive.

In fact, many scientists have been born in the process of the development of human science. These scientists are the leaders who lead us to understand the universe. Although most of them have left us, their wealth is still worth exploring. Do you think parallel universe really exists?

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