Does parallel universe really exist? Scientist: you may be a rich man or a murderer!

199 scientists have very powerful brains. The progress we can make today is closely related to the silent exploration of scientists behind our backs.

Many scientists put forward ideas that some people can’t understand. But as these theories have been confirmed over and over again, people believe more in scientists’ theories.

The speed of light, black hole and other concepts. What scientists have put forward has been proved again and again, which makes people have a new understanding of the world and the universe. These theories also make human civilization more advanced. Scientists never stop exploring the universe.

Scientists also put forward the concept of parallel universe. The parallel universe refers to the parallel force universe, which is the pure elementary particle universe produced by the parallel force.

It forms a multiverse theory with the known gravitational planetary universe, including all kinds of universes with different interaction forces. Scientists believe that in these universes, there may be universes with the same birth conditions as our universe, or there may be “Earth” with the same planet as the one we live in.

Or they may have the same history, or they may even have exactly the same creatures as humans. In other words, as like as two peas in a parallel universe, your destiny is quite different.

You may be a rich man, but in another time and space, you may become a murderer. Parallel world is closely related to time and space. The theory of parallel universe comes from quantum mechanics. Parallel universes never overlap.

However, scientists have found that parallel universes actually interact. Therefore, there are some strange and unexplained physical phenomena at the micro level.

Due to the limited technology of human beings, we can not observe the appearance of parallel universe. However, scientists will use various methods to test these theories about parallel universes in the future, and believe that parallel universes will make breakthroughs in the future.

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