Does parallel universe really exist? Scientists’ views may overturn human cognition

4.6 billion years ago, the earth was born and soon became a living planet. Millions of years ago, human beings were born and began to explore the world and the universe. Since the formation of human civilization, has been exploring the world, the universe. But the real leap forward exploration is still after human beings enter the era of development.

It seems that the mission of human being born in this world is to explore the mystery of the world and the universe. The world and the universe have infinite mysteries waiting for us to solve, such as the mystery of the birth of life, the origin of the birth of the universe, the mystery of the expansion of the universe, etc. Today, I’m going to discuss with my friends the mystery of parallel universe.

I believe many friends have said parallel world, parallel universe. This is a conjecture put forward by modern scientists. Whether there is a parallel universe is still a mystery. For the parallel universe, modern science has two different explorations. One holds that the universe is pluralistic, and there is more space outside the universe. In this huge space, there are countless universes of different sizes, masses, and ages. Our universe is just one of them.

Another kind of parallel cosmology is a kind of parallel world view which is difficult for people to understand. It tells us that our universe is the superposition of countless universes. In each parallel universe, there may be another self, another earth, just in different time and space, different dimensions. For example, in this world, you are just a very ordinary office worker. Every day, in order to work and earn more money, you are very busy. You have no house, car or girlfriend. In another parallel universe, you have a totally different destiny. In another world, you are a super rich man with countless money and surrounded by beautiful women, living a paradise like life.

The second kind of parallel cosmology does not support many scientists, because this situation is too mysterious to make people believe it is true. On the contrary, the first pluralistic cosmology is supported by more scientists. Moreover, many scientists seem to have found some evidence for the existence of multiverse by observing and analyzing the universe.

In August 2007, when scientists studied the cosmic microwave background radiation signal, they found a huge cold spot, which is completely empty, without any normal matter or dark matter, and no radiation signal. Why is there such a strange space-time in the universe. In order to find this answer, scientists believe that this is the evidence of another universe. The cold spot phenomenon may lead cosmologists to come to a conclusion that there is a parallel universe besides the universe in which people live. Through the radiation data observed by the Planck telescope, scientists found that our universe may be one of one billion universes. For the first time, there is evidence that parallel universes may exist.

The great physicist Hawking submitted a paper 10 days before his death. This paper is to introduce some of his latest knowledge and views on parallel universe. In the paper, Hawking proposed some methods to explore and find evidence for the existence of parallel universe, hoping that human beings can prove the existence of parallel universe and enter into parallel universe in the future.

It can be seen that more scientists do not deny the existence of parallel universes, but strongly support the existence of parallel universes. Of course, it is still unknown whether the real parallel universes exist in either of the above two situations or both.

If the parallel universe is a multiverse, there are countless universes beyond our universe. Each universe has its own independent and different cosmic laws. For example, the laws of our universe determine that civilization should develop like science and technology, and rely on powerful science and technology to continuously explore and uncover the mysteries of the universe. The other law of parallel universe may be the exploration and excavation of life potential. Therefore, the civilization of that universe may be the cultivation of civilization. By constantly improving its own strength, the whole civilization will become stronger and stronger. Finally, it can also realize the task of exploring the universe and revealing the secrets of the universe.

If the multiverse is correct, the mystery of the universe will be more complicated. The most obvious thing is the edge of the universe. Modern science believes that the universe originated from the singularity explosion 13.8 billion years ago. But there are two doubts in the big bang theory. One is what the space before the big bang was like? The second mystery: How did the singularity of the big bang come about?

Modern science believes that there was no concept of space and time before the big bang, so there was no theory of space beyond the singularity at that time. But if the multiverse is correct, then everything can be well explained. For example, the space where the singularity was at that time was actually the mysterious huge space where countless universes coexisted.

There are many doubts about the origin of singularity. Is it formed naturally? Without the existence of multi cosmology, this singularity might have formed naturally. However, the existence of multi cosmology makes people think of another possibility, that is, the singularity is man-made. The big bang theory reminds scientists of the particle collider.

When we collide with particles through the particle collider in the laboratory, the two particles can produce a huge explosion and release a lot of energy at the moment of collision, and they can also collide with new particles. The explosion of particle collision is very similar to that of the big bang. Is there any connection between the two before?

Some people have put forward a bold conjecture: will our universe be the product of particle collisions by super civilizations outside the universe? The strength of particle collision is directly related to the size of particle collider. I believe many friends know that scientists want to make the particle collider bigger and run longer, because the bigger it is, the more exciting the collision is and the better the experimental results can be achieved.

At present, the particle collider of human is still very weak, but some scientists have proposed the galaxy level Collider, which is to build a particle collider with such a large diameter of the solar system. The energy generated by particle collision will be unimaginable. If other advanced civilizations in the ancient universe have developed science and technology for tens of billions of years, will larger particle colliders be built, such as cosmic level colliders? Once two particles collide, will the universe be born?

This conjecture seems ridiculous, but the power of science and technology is unimaginable. For example, the ancient human beings 10000 years ago could not imagine how great our science and technology is now. In the eyes of ancient human beings, modern science and technology is a miracle, an incredible existence. In the same way, we can’t imagine what science and technology will be like if it is 10000 years, 100 million years or even tens of millions of years more advanced than human science and technology.

It seems that the creation of the universe is only a fairy tale for human beings, but it may not be difficult for a powerful civilization that has developed for hundreds of millions of years. Our universe is only 13.8 billion years old, and it is unlikely that there will be such a powerful civilization that can create the universe.

But if there are many other universes besides the universe, then the birth time of other universes may be far beyond our universe. For example, some universes may have been born for hundreds of billions of years, then the advanced civilization in such a universe may have developed for tens of billions of years, hundreds of billions of years, and the strength of its civilization is unimaginable, and it is difficult for us to use it We now use the scientific view to judge such a powerful super civilization.

The more we know about the universe, the more we will feel confused and afraid. Human technology is too weak in the face of the vast universe. The main reason why we are so weak is that the time of human development is too short. Our science and technology has only developed for more than 200 years. Compared with those powerful civilizations that have developed science and technology for tens of thousands, millions or even hundreds of millions of years, there is no doubt that there is a gap between heaven and earth. This may also be one of the reasons why human beings continue to actively explore alien civilization.

If we follow the normal speed of development, it will take millions and hundreds of millions of years for human beings to really become a powerful civilization in the universe. But if we can get the help of powerful civilization, we may be able to shorten the long time, quickly enter the interstellar civilization, and become powerful in a shorter time to explore the mystery of the universe and explore the world beyond the universe. Of course, there is also a risk of contact with alien civilization, that is, in case of malicious civilization, it will also bring great disaster to mankind.

Guys, what do you think of this? Welcome to leave a message below to discuss and express your opinions.

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